While doing significant innovations in the Teaching – Learning process using Academic Autonomy, the faculty at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune are also active in evolving the research culture at the institute.  Our relentless effort is always to foster research to contribute towards societal benefits. We have established a Research Forum, which consists of faculty actively pursuing research and our Ph.D. and MTech students.  The forum has a well established mechanism through which all R&D activities are promoted, encouraged and appraised.

The Research Forum implements wide ranging activities such as promoting applied and basic research, technology development, establishing centers of excellence, honing and cultivating appropriate research skills within faculty by deputing for Ph.D. studies, Conferences, Workshops and Short Term Training Programs (STTPs), promoting faculties to submit research proposals for different funding agencies viz. Savitribai Phule Pune University, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), University Grants Commission (UGC), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO), Council for scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), etc.


Research Forum Activities

We have total 216 faculty members out of which 45 are Ph.D. holders and more than 55 are pursuing their Ph.D.s. We have Ph.D. research centers of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) at Instrumentation, Industrial & Production, Chemical, Computer Sciences, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Departments. We have a total of 61 Ph,D. scholars pursuing their Ph.D. work here at VIT. We also have M.Tech program at all 6 departments and have total of 290 M.Tech students. This together forms our research workforce. 

Research Work Force

We have established a research steering committee which consists of honorable director as the chairman, Dean R&D and Industry Relations as the member secretary and a representation from every department (a faculty actively pursuing research). The main tasks of this steering committee are as follows:

  • Identification of major research areas within the domains of study in the respective departments.

  • Formulation and implementation of Research Policies such as research appraisal policy, research quality policy, conference and training deputation policy, VIT research grant policy, research funds utilization policy, internal revenue sharing policy, etc.

  • Identification of training needs of faculty to strengthen the R&D culture.

  • Setting up Industry Advisory Board (IAB) at the department level, for managing industrial collaboration and agreements and further, leveraging on consultancy work.

  • Developing linkages with national and international institutions for R&D.

  • Motivating faculty for applying for research grants from national, international and private funding agencies, Scientific Research Institutions, Scientific Associations and Bodies.

  • Developing Centers of Excellence at various departments.

  • Organizing conferences, workshops, seminars and other research oriented events.

  • Defining ISO procedures for departmental research data collection, Training need identification, deputation and feedback.



Research Steering Committee

Every department has identified their thrust areas in which majority of the faculty members are pursuing their research. These areas further become the key selling points for the departments.


Research Thrust Areas of the Department

Apart from these thrust areas, which are specific to the individual departments, the institute facilitates an interdisciplinary learning environment to the faculty and students, by offering open electives, professional and skill development through inter and intra - departmental courses. The institute also encourages the UG students to be a part of R&D projects by offering compulsory mini projects in every semester, a three stage major project, PG research projects and Ph.D. projects, etc. Institute faculty is actively involved in guiding such projects so as to offer project based learning environment.

To promote research amongst the faculty and students the institute has started with following initiatives:

  • Developing the departmental centre of excellence activities also strengthens the R&D activity.

  • Offering and conducting interdisciplinary workshops, seminars, training programs, and expert lectures for faculty and students

  • Offering research facilities like research equipments, laboratories, access to online journals, etc. to facilitate a conducive research environment.

  • Taking initiatives to establish collaborative relations with national, international and private research institutions.

  • Setting up Industry Advisory Board (IAB) to help faculty interact with industry, present their work and projects, get their projects commercialized, fetch consultancy work or finding student internship opportunities.

  • Having a mentor from reputed institutes like IIT, to guide faculty for their research work.

  • Providing incentives, awards for excellent performance in research related activities such as fetching research grants, having consultancy projects, generating IRG, publishing high quality journal / conference publications, etc.

  • Establishing research-based faculty appraisal policy.

  • Establishing VIT research grant policy to encourage young faulty to pursue research work.

  • Setting up liaisons at various government and non-government agencies to facilitate the smooth conduction of application procedures and maximizing the probability of success to fetch research grant.

  • Developing IPR cell providing sponsorships to help faculty file patents and commercialize them.

  • Deputing faculty for training relevant to their research and teaching areas.

  • Developing incubation centre to encourage entrepreneurship activities and providing a fertile ground for students and faculty to cultivate new research ideas, developing prototypes, getting seed funding from investors to help them realize their dream products.

Research Projects Status (Academic Year 2015-16)

The institute encourages the faculty and students to write research proposals, research papers and such faculty members are rewarded for their efforts.  Till date, the faculties have completed 20 research projects sponsored by funding agencies such as ISRO, AICTE, BCUD, etc, which are worth Rs.65.4 Lakhs.

Research Projects Completed (Academic Year 2015-16)

Currently, we have total 21 sanctioned and ongoing projects on which 42 faculty members are working and these projects are worth Rs. 88.65 lakhs.

Research Projects Sanctioned and Ongoing (Academic Year 2015-16)

More than 100 faculty members have currently applied for the research projects worth Rs. 26.17 Crores.

Research Projects Applied (Academic Year 2015-16)

Research Projects and Consultancy Details (Academic Year 2015-16)

Institute felicitates and rewards faculty members and students involved in obtaining sponsorship, consultancy projects, which motivates the faculty members for Internal Revenue Generation (IRG). In the last academic year (2015-16) our faculty generated 108.8 Lakhs of revenue and 4 Crores of revenue in last 3 years for the college through consultancy projects and providing training to various industries.


Consultancy(In Lakhs)

Revenue through Consultation (Academic Year 2015-16)

We have collaborations with variety of industries and institutes, national and international, in terms of having consultancy projects, collaborative research projects, establishing Center of Excellence, etc.

Industry Academia Collaboration (Academic Year 2015-16)

The Institute has tie ups with many foreign universities like State University of New York, Binghamton, USA; Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand; Groupe Des Ecoles des Mines, France; Universities in the State of Ontario, Canada; Marist College USA; Korean Institute of Science & Technology, Korea and Hof University, Germany, etc. for Student Exchange, Faculty Exchange and for collaborative research. Collaboration with AIT related to DEWAT Project of Asian Institute of Technology in respect of the Global Development Grant (Number OPP102922) granted by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to reinvent the innovative decentralized systems.  AIT is recipient of 5 million USD grant from the Gates Foundation. 

Vishwakarma-Binghamton-Anveshak Research and Consultancy Center is the collaborative dedicated center is housed in Mechanical Engineering Deptt. of VI, Pune and funded in kind by the Binghamton University, USA. There are three thrust areas viz. Healthcare management system, Thermal cooling and design optimisation. This center will reach out to industry and foster applied research and consultancy to provide an opportunity for student and faculty to work with industry.

VIT is an INTERNATIONAL SITE for Centre of Energy-Smart Electronic Systems (ES2) of State University of New York at Binghamton, USA; a National Science Foundation (NSF) designated Industry/University Cooperative Research Center. ES2 is a cooperative effort between government, universities, and industrial members that conducts precompetitive research in the area of energy-smart electronic systems that meets the needs of industry, government and students through interdisciplinary collaboration, productive partnerships, dedicated expertise, accessible leading-edge facilities and innovative educational programs.

The faculty members and students of VIT are also encouraged to file patents of the innovations which further leads to basic research and technology development. The institute offers intellectual property consultancy such as filing patents / patent applications / knowhow, based on its research and development efforts, for licensing to interested parties in various areas. The Institute has constituted a unique Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Cell for this. In last academic year (2014-15) our college students and faculty filed a total of 7 patents and 1 was granted to us., whereas, in last 3 years, our faculty and students have filed a total of 14 patents overall.

Publications and Patents (Academic Year 2015-16)

The faculty and students are also instrumental in publishing quality research work in international as well as national books, journals and conferences.  In the last academic year (2014-15), our faculty members have published a total of 29 publications in peer reviewed journals having impact factor provided by Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Index (JCI) in the range of 0.998 up to 2.7. Apart from this, we have a total of 54 international journal, 54 international conference and 156 national conference papers published in last academic year (2014-15), whereas our faculty have published 228 journal papers in last 3 years. Average h-index of a faculty member pursuing research is 3.

We at VIT, aim at straitening our research related activities further by ensuring that along with excellent teaching learning, every faculty at VIT is involved in research and development projects. We are in the process of encouraging faculty to design and develop training modules to provide training to industry and academia, use their expertise to do consultancy work, which would further lead to Internal Revenue Generation (IRG).

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