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  • TEDx VIT Pune


TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design ) is a non-profit organisation devoted to the mission: ideas worth spreading. TEDx VIT,Pune is no exception to this.

TEDx VIT,Pune was started in 2015. It is a collaboration between Vishwakarma Institute of Technology’s students and the large Pune community to connect innovative minds from vivid domains for the optimum benefit of the audiences and the people around. TEDx VIT,Pune is an amazing event which provides an opportunity to witness a platform with versatile thinkers, speakers and influencers, that kindles in audiences, a desire for better living, benefiting them and the society at large. Every year TEDx VIT,Pune comes up with a theme which lays the foundation of the whole event. The theme of TEDxVITPune 2017 was “Connecting the dots”.





MUN is an academic model or simulation of the United Nations which acts as a platform for delegates to address some of the most pressing issues of significance from the global perspective and pass resolutions in response to the same. VIT MUN enables delegates to learn, observe and act on the global front. They assume the roles of UN representatives and attempt to solve regional and international problems in the utmost interest of their nation.

VIT MUN consists of six committees namely Interpol, Human Resources Committee (HRC), Security Council (SC), The Union of European football Association (UEFA), Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC). Thus it covers a wide range of topics enabling the delegates to focus on all possible dimensions. It helps to sharpen the soft skills like analysis, critical thinking, problem solving, networking, international-relation building, cooperation, research and leadership.


  • Antariksh - Astronomy Club

The vision of the Antariksh club is to ignite a passion for astronomy and astrophysics while fostering a close-knit community of stargazers and space enthusiasts.

"To educate about Astronomy and its Scientific Values  

encourages camaraderie among individuals interested in celestial exploration and discussion.

"To ignite the interest in Space Sciences and in the fields of Astronomy and Astrophysics by connecting the like minded people. Also, conducting activities in Astronomical Domain and conducting lectures related various Cosmic phenomenons.



  • Computer Society of India, Student Chapter

To inspire and integrate students to the IT community, aiming at career enhancement and knowledge sharing. Computer Society of India is a group of large computer professionals who share their knowledge amongst others and help them enhance their skills. The club is not biased towards CS/IT people. One who is eager to learn and explore, can join the community and work with each other. We at CSI, VIT Pune firmly believe in the way a team plays as a whole determines its success. 

It’s the ability to work together towards a common vision and to direct individual actions in a collaborative manner to achieve team goals. The committee has extensively contributed in enlightening the masses about crucial concepts required in the field of Information Technology. One may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime. The mission of 

Computer Society of India, Student Chapter is to cultivate a dynamic learning environment where members explore emerging technologies, collaborate on innovative projects, and engage with industry experts. We aim to empower students with practical skills, foster creativity, and inspire a lifelong passion for technology while contributing positively to our community.



  • Google Developer Student Club

In GDSC, our aim is about empowering students and developers to learn about a wide range of technologies and apply their new learnings to build great solutions for real-world problems.

In GDSC, our aim is about empowering students and developers to learn about a wide range of technologies and apply their new learnings to build great solutions for real-world problems.

The mission of a Google Developer Student Club is to provide a platform for students to learn and collaborate on technical projects, gain hands-on experience with Google technologies, and contribute to their local developer communities. We aim to foster a culture of continuous learning among students.




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