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Event Planning and Execution Committee


The Event Planning and Execution Committee (EPEC),  serves as the Student Council responsible for VIT's flagship events, including the electric vibes of the Freshers Party to the artistic brilliance of VishwaKarandak, from the cultural extravaganza of Mélange to our spirited celebrations on Independence Day, we're not just event organizers; we're memory weavers.

Our vision is to forge exemplary events, entertain, enlighten and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting inspiring ideologies, creative minds, and revolutionary technologies that make us create beyond your imagination.






VishwaConclave strives to be the premier student-centric conclave of the country focused on curating impeccable speeches from distinguished luminaries. VishwaConclave emphasizes on curating an inspirational dialogue from exemplary orators who have excelled in domains centered on national building such as Defence, Education, Social and Community Service, and Technological Advancement. The Ambition of VishwaConclave is entwined with the institute's mission to assist in the holistic development of responsible students.

VishwaConclave's prime mission is to empower young minds by connecting them with accomplished thought leaders. Organized by students of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, at VishwaConclave, we prioritize inspiration, innovation, and nation-building. We break barriers in education, offering a multidisciplinary platform for students to absorb knowledge. Our events create tranquil, enchanting atmospheres, featuring esteemed speakers, networking opportunities, interactive activities, and renowned artists.

We instill professionalism in our team to ensure flawless execution and unforgettable experiences. Beyond events, being part of VishwaConclave means gaining invaluable work experience and creating last memories. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower future leaders for a better tomorrow.


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VIT Pune Model United Nations Society


The vision of conducting debates and group discussions within a Model United Nations society is to focus on enhancing participants' skills, knowledge, and engagement in global issues.

At VIT Pune MUN Society, we aim to promote diplomatic dialogue and a collaborative approach to shared understanding among young, spirited minds guided by their desire for the common good by conveying the foundations of international relations and issues of national and international concerns.

The mission of a Model United Nations (MUN) society on a college or university campus is to provide a platform for students to engage in simulation and debate of international diplomacy and global issues.




VIT Pune Model United Nations


Providing students with opportunities to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and global issues through simulations of United Nations conferences. At VIT Pune MUN, we aim to promote diplomatic dialogue and a collaborative approach to shared understanding among young, spirited minds guided by their desire for the common good by conveying the foundations of international relations and issues of national and international concerns.

The mission is to teach students how to engage in diplomacy, resolve conflicts peacefully, and work collaboratively to address international issues.MUN provides students with opportunities to develop a wide range of skills, including public speaking, negotiation, research, critical thinking, and problem-solving. To enable students to take on leadership roles as chairs, organizers, or delegates which fosters leadership skills and provides networking opportunities with students from different institutions.






The preeminent purpose of all our events, social media campaigns, and community newsletters is to put together, exchange and brainstorm ground-breaking ideas. Ideas that originate from different minds, different ideologies, and paramountly, different beings. We believe that the simplest of ideas uphold the ability to change the world entirely. We aim to integrate ideas from every nook and corner of the world, thus, extending the boundaries of views and ideas.

Launched in 2015, TEDxVITPune is a collaboration between Vishwakarma Institute of Technology’s students and the large Pune community to bring Technology, Entertainment, and Design from various visionaries, intellectuals, and doers, right to our doorstep. Our events feature interdisciplinary presenters, expressing their thoughts, experiences, projects, and visions to promote the ideals of TED.

TEDxVITPune is on a mission to discover and spread ideas that spark imagination, embrace possibility and catalyze impact. Our organization is devoted to curiosity, reason, wonder and the pursuit of knowledge — without an agenda. We welcome people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world and connection with others, and we invite everyone to engage with ideas and activate them in our community.



Abhivriddhi: Student Training and Development Committee


To help students identify and develop their academic and career interests, along with short- and long-term goals through counseling and enhance individual learning & development as the means for building a stronger community. Abhivriddhi aims to promote and support student development by providing high-quality educational training programs.

Abhivriddhi's mission is to guide students in discovering and developing their interests while fostering personal growth, as well as empower them through exceptional educational programs, nurturing a stronger, more connected community.




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