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Vishwotsav, the annual event of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT)

1. Celebrating Diversity: Vishwotsav provides a platform to celebrate and showcase the diverse cultural heritage and talents of students at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology. It brings together students from various backgrounds, regions, and cultures, fostering an environment of inclusivity and appreciation for diversity.

2. Promoting Talent and Creativity: Vishwotsav allows students to showcase their talents and creativity in various domains such as music, dance, drama, art, and literature. The event provides a stage for participants to express themselves, hone their skills, and gain recognition for their abilities. It encourages students to explore their passions and develop their artistic or creative talents.

3. Fostering Teamwork and Collaboration: Organizing Vishwotsav requires the coordination and teamwork of various student groups, committees, and departments within the college. It provides an opportunity for students to work together, collaborate, and collectively contribute to the success of the event. It enhances their organizational, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

4. Enhancing Cultural Awareness: Vishwotsav serves as a medium to raise cultural awareness among students. Through the performances, exhibitions, and workshops during the event, participants and attendees can learn about different cultures, traditions, and art forms. It promotes cultural exchange, understanding, and respect among students.

5. Building a Sense of Belonging: Vishwotsav creates a sense of belonging and pride among the students of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology. It strengthens the college community and fosters a shared identity and spirit. Students feel connected to their institution and develop a sense of loyalty and affiliation.

6. Networking and Industry Interaction: Vishwotsav often attracts participation from students, faculty, and professionals from other institutions and industries. This provides students with an opportunity to network, interact, and learn from industry experts and professionals. It opens doors for internships, collaborations, and future career prospects.

7. Personality Development: Participating in Vishwotsav, whether as a performer, organizer, or volunteer, contributes to the overall personality development of students. It helps improve their communication skills, self-confidence, teamwork abilities, and time management. The experience gained through organizing and participating in the event nurtures their leadership qualities and enhances their holistic development.

8. Alumni Engagement: Vishwotsav can serve as a platform for alumni engagement and interaction. Alumni often participate in the event as mentors, judges, or performers, creating opportunities for current students to connect with successful alumni. This fosters a sense of continuity, inspires students, and strengthens the alumni network of the institution.

In summary, organizing Vishwotsav, the annual event of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, offers several benefits such as celebrating diversity, promoting talent and creativity, fostering teamwork and collaboration, enhancing cultural awareness, building a sense of belonging, facilitating networking and industry interaction, contributing to personality development, and engaging alumni. These outcomes contribute to the overall growth, development, and enrichment of the college community.

Fresher’s Day 2023

Name of the Team: Event Planning and Execution Committee (EPEC)

The Freshers' Party for the year 2023 unfolded in a traditional offline setting, posing a significant undertaking for the Extracurricular team tasked with orchestrating an engaging event for a sizable crowd of 1200 new students. To accommodate the large attendance, the event was conducted in two batches of 600 students each. The festivities featured diverse sessions, showcasing the talents of freshers through captivating performances in dance, singing, and more. Adding to the charm, the alumni band, ViCulp , delivered remarkable musical performances. The highlight of the evening was the announcement of Miss and Mr. Fresher, with Koosh Patil and Mansi Phand securing the title in the first session, and Gaurang Wankhede and Sai Jadhav emerging as winners in the second session. These four stood out among the 1300 freshers, undergoing a judging process that included an aptitude test, group discussion, and a final personal interview round. The college campus was adorned with aesthetic decorations, contributing to the overall allure of the event.

Republic Day 2023

Name of the Team: Event Planning and Execution Committee (EPEC)

The objectives are to foster patriotism by educating students about Republic Day's historical significance and to celebrate India's diverse cultural heritage through performances and exhibitions.

Brief description of the said event

The Republic Day was celebrated on the college ground with presence of 3000+ students. The event started with the traditional lighting the lamp ceremony and was followed by the flag hoisting ceremony along with the addressal of dean academics to the students. All the students together sung the national anthem which was followed by a dance performance by Zephyr, and a band performance by Aaroh. The event was concluded by distributing sweets to all the students and the staff.

This event surely inculcated the feeling of patriotism among the students of this powerful nation.

Independence Day 2023

Name of the Team: Event Planning and Execution Committee (EPEC)

The objective is to instill a sense of patriotism by enlightening students about the historical importance of Independence Day and to commemorate India's rich cultural diversity through various performances. Brief description of the said event Independence Day was celebrated on the college grounds, with a turnout of over 1500 students. The festivities commenced with the customary lighting of the lamp ceremony, flag hoisting followed by a collective rendition of the national anthem resonated through the air. The program featured a captivating dance performance by Zephyr, a powerful act by team Eklavya and a soul-stirring band presentation by Aaroh. The event reached its conclusion with the distribution of sweets to both students and staff, leaving a lasting imprint of patriotism within the hearts of the students of this formidable nation.



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