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  • Ekasutram

To foster a community of students around the common interest in mathematics and help students in pursuing their higher education in similar fields. To develop the mathematical curiosity amongst the engineering students and to pave the way for complete visualization and comprehension of mathematical concepts, by providing opportunities for students to translate theory into practise and extending their learning beyond the limits of classroom. The mission of Ekasutram is to foster a deep appreciation and understanding of mathematics among the college community. Through engaging activities, workshops, and discussions we aim to inspire love for mathematics, promote its practical applications in engineering, and provide supportive platform for students to enhance their mathematical and aptitudinal skills.


  • Mirage Campus Film Society

A mature audience among students who appreciate world cinema. To introduce world cinema to common audiences and to inculcate within them the art of film appreciation. The mission of our college film screening club society is to introduce students to the rich and diverse world of cinema. We aim to broaden horizons by showcasing films from various countries and cultures, fostering a deeper understanding of global perspectives and storytelling. Through screenings, discussions, and events, we strive to promote cultural appreciation, critical thinking, and a passion for film among our members. Our ultimate goal is to create a vibrant community of cinephiles who can appreciate and engage with cinema on a global scale.

  • Personality Development Club

To develop Character, Competence and Culture in the lives of students and help them live a meaningful life. To help students to deal sensitivity and self-awareness in thought, words and action and save themselves from self-destructing habits and addiction that harm body and mind.

1. Creating a class of people of high character and competence

2. Saving students from self-destructive habits

3. Using Arts, Culture, Music and Media to propagate the message of Wisdom literature

4. Creating a class of wise students who respect, trust and love each other

5. Using talents for propagating love for all, based on words of wisdom literature

6. Training students in Character, Competence and Culture

7. Training students in right values, etiquette, behavior and practices

8. Training students for growth in self-excellence skills - like study seminars, facing interviews, group-tasks, discussions, debates etc.

9. Training students in academic subjects by conducting Software Training Workshops at IITs , NITs etc.

10. Training students to live a pure, healthy and principle-centered lifestyle and saving them from self-destructive habits

The mission of Personality Development Club is to empower individuals to become the best versions of themselves, both personally and professionally, by offering a supportive and educational environment for personal growth and skill development. The overarching goal is to help members lead more fulfilling and successful lives.


  • The Investment Forum

Our vision is to extend the knowledge of finance and investment related options among technical students in a way that they never face financial issues in their lifetime. To create awareness about investing the extra income in different avenues Help to make each and every individual financially independent by the age of 40.


  • Vclick


To maintain a group for photography enthusiasts of the college in order to have discussions and activities which would help improve their skills. Conduct activities, discussions, workshops in order to assist members in developing their photography skills. Our photography club aims to document and showcase the vibrant activities and events of our college's various clubs, preserving cherished memories for all to enjoy. We empower members with photography skills through engaging workshops, hands-on experiences, and inspiring photo walks, fostering a community of passionate photographers.


  • Vishwakarma Expression Hub


Aim to build a creative and active community for all art forms where we can nurture creativity and talent. Vishwakarma Expression Hub aims to promote artforms like Literature, Photography, Aesthetics, Graphic Design, Videography and Video Editing through various events, workshops and creative posts and campaigns on social media. Vishwakarma Expression Hub's mission is to encourage creativity, artistry and a community of individuals passionate about diverse realms of aesthetics, literature, graphic design, and video editing. We believe in the power of art to transcend boundaries,ignite imagination, and enrich lives. Our club is dedicated to providing a welcoming platform where artists, writers, designers, and creators of all backgrounds can come together to collaborate, learn, and grow.


  • VIT Pune Quizzing Society


To encourage students to stay curious and participate in quizzes on various levels and win accolades for the college To represent VIT in Quizzing events in and around the Pune Circuit and to conduct quality Quizzes in VIT. The mission is to inculcate curiosity and increase the general knowledge of students by participating in various quizzes in and around Pune


  • Vishwa-Shauryam


The vision of Vishwa Shauryam is to be a guiding light for defense aspirants, supporting them on their journey towards successfully clearing defense entrance exams. We also aim to provide a platform for technical defense projects.

Vishwa Shauryam is a multidimensional forum with an objective of assisting individuals aspiring to join the defense sector by providing guidance throughout the challenging process of defense entrance exams. Our objective is also to create a space where dynamic technical defense projects can thrive, while also making concerted efforts to innovate and explore the diverse facets of the defense domain.

1] Create an engaging platform that fosters the comprehensive growth of individuals aspiring for a career in defense.                                                

2] Raise awareness about the exceptional career opportunities available to engineering graduates within the armed forces.


  • The Catalyst


To guide the FY students through their academic journey & help them out in every way possible. Guiding the freshmen with their academics throughout their first year by arranging sessions designed by their experienced seniors. Make this teaching learning process a fun process where the freshmen feel comfortable with the institutes curriculum. Fasten the academic experience of First year students. Provide them with sessions where their mentors guide them & make them understand the concepts in a better & easier way.


  • Speakers Club


To help students with public speaking skills such as debates , interviews , public speeches and to remove their stage fright by providing them training in those domains Improve Public Speaking and Communication skills of students, Facilitate Debates and Group Discussions, Develop Communication Proficiency.

Speaker's Club is committed to equipping College students with vital communication and public speaking skills. We provide a nurturing space for honing abilities in debates, group discussions, and presentations, enhancing confidence and English proficiency. Our goal is to bridge the gap between technical knowledge and the ability to articulate it, empowering members for success in academics and the professional world.


  • Lighthearted Lounge


To be the radiant hub of positivity and creativity on campus, where students gather to celebrate the joy of laughter, forge meaningful connections, and unleash their artistic potential. We envision a club that not only cultivates a culture of lightheartedness but also leaves an indelible mark on individuals, empowering them to embrace self-expression, build lasting friendships, and carry the spirit of camaraderie beyond the club's walls."


Our objective is to establish a lively and dynamic club that serves as a haven for students seeking relaxation, laughter, and creative expression. By curating a range of engaging activities, we aim to provide a space where students can unwind, explore their artistic interests, and forge meaningful connections with their peers. Through our events, we strive to enhance the campus experience by offering a unique blend of entertainment, camaraderie, and personal growth opportunities." "


Create a welcoming space for students to unwind and share laughter.

Foster a sense of community through shared comedic experiences.

Provide a platform for budding comedians to showcase their talent in a non-competitive environment.

Organize regular gatherings and open mics to promote a stress-free atmosphere.

Cultivate an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves through humor.

Encourage creativity and collaboration while promoting a positive and relaxed atmosphere"


  • SIG RealitySPectra


To provide a platform for students to develop skills, collaborate on projects, and contribute to advancing technology.

1. Create a collaborative space for students interested in AR, VR, ML, and DL.

2. Develop and deliver new projects that demonstrate the potential of new technologies.

3. To organize training, seminars and events to improve skills and knowledge.

4. Create a network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the integration of technology and creativity.

To explore the world of XR by gaining hands-on experience on different projects.



  • Saarthi


Saarthi Aims to provide a holistic environment where everyone can learn, explore and innovate new things and create a mutual coordination within the FY community such that they all get adequate opportunities to rise and shine. "


1. Orientation and Transition Support: Help new students transition smoothly into college life by organizing orientation programs, information sessions, and activities to help them get acquainted with the campus, academic expectations, and resources available to them.

2. Representation: Serve as a voice for first-year students, advocating for their needs, concerns, and interests to the faculty, administration, and other student organizations.

3. Community Building: Foster a sense of community among first-year students through social events, networking opportunities, and activities that promote inclusivity and a welcoming environment.

4. Academic Support:Provide academic support services such as study groups, tutoring programs, and workshops to help first-year students adjust to the academic rigors of college.

5. Personal Development:Organize workshops, seminars, and activities focused on personal development, leadership skills, time management, and stress management to help first-year students thrive in their new environment

Saarthi's mission is to incorporate every first year student and set a benchmark of how any college's FY Community should control and work. We look forward to creating awareness and building enthusiasm in Every Fresher so that He/She never finds themselves in a state of unacceptance.


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