1. Mechanical Department
      • Collaborations (Industrial/Institutional)
      1. Consultancy agreement signed with Computational Research Laboratory Ltd. (Sept 2007)
      2. Confidential Disclosure Agreement signed withEmersonDesignEngineeringCenterfor cooling fan design (Sept 2007)
      3. MOU signed with Mahindra Engineering Design and Development Co. Ltd. (Dec 2007)
      4. Confidential Disclosure Agreement signed with Nirmal Mulay of Nostrum Pharmaceutical Inc. USA (Jan 2008)
      5. MOU with FEV India Pvt. Ltd., Pune (June 2009)
      6. MOU with KPIT Cummins Info-systems Ltd., Pune (July 2009)
      7. Confidential Disclosure Agreement signed with PRAJ Industries Ltd. (Sept 2009)
      8. MOU with TML, Pune (Sept 2006 continued)
      9. MOU with L & T Mumbai (Sept 2006 continued)


    1. Computer Engineering Department
      • Collaborations (Industrial/Institutional)       
Sr. No. Institution/ Industry Collaborated Year of Collaboration Salient Features of the MOU
1. NVIDIA 2009 The donation from NVIDIA will include the following: 
  1. Quardo FX4600/5600 GPU class hardware boards with G80 GPU
    • G8x GL Quadro systems-12 nos, : 6 to each institute
    • The selection of cards will depend upon the workstations made available by the institutes
    • NVIDIA prefers use of all branded equipment for quality and stability of products like HP/Dell
  2. Pre-installed drivers for above hardware so that machine can Dual boot Windows XP and Linux NVIDIA Graphics drivers
  3. Tools
    • Development environment with Microsoft Visual Studio
    • NVIDIA SDK on machine with CG SDK, NVSG, Gelato (Downloadable)
    • Sample code and exercises using OPEN GL and Direct X as part of downloadable SDK
    • Source code for example programs
    • Performance Analysis Tools
    • Later Cuda SDKs
  4. Teaching and educational material
    • GPU GEMS and GPU GEMS2
    • Cg books
    • Modern Graphics books like Real Time Rendering
    • Parallel Programming books
  5. Teaching and research aids
    • Siggraph's programmable shading tutorials
    • GPGPU
    • General OGL
    • GPU rendering course
    • Additional course material
  6. Visit of NVIDIA consultants from Pune and Santa Clara, USA office
  7. Training for 2 weeks of Grad/undergrad students in Pune and bimonthly visits of NVIDIA Pune experts to Labs in COEP and VIT.
  8. Visit of Professors from institutes to NVIDIA, Santa Clara, USA for 1 week
  9. Soft NVIDIA Branding mainly concentrating on contents
2. IBM Center of Excellence 2009 Description products is to be included:


  • Activation Kit and floating Type #30
  • Products:
  • IBM Rational Software Architecture (RSA)
  • IBM Rational Suite Enterprise
  • Services:
  • Training on IBM Rational Software Architecture (RSA)
  • 4 days on Essentials of Visual Modeling with UML 2.0 and Essentials of Rational Software Architecture
  • User Manuals: 10 Set of Each
  • Essentials of Visual Modeling with UML 2.0
  • Essentials of Rational Software Architect
  • Course Material: 1 Set of Each
  • Mastering Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML 2.0
  • Essentials of Rational RequisitePro For Rational RequisitePro
  • Essentials of Rational ClearCase for Windows
  • Fundamentals of Rational Rose
  • Essentials of Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software
  • Essentials of Test Management with Rational TestManager
3. AIT- Asian Institute of Technology August 2009 Bangkok, Thailand. AIT and VIT offer specialized postgraduate courses.
4. GEM- Groupe des Ecoles des Mines July 2010 France. Student Exchange Program.
GEM France and VIT have a Memorandum of Understanding allowing a Student Exchange Program
5. Ontario, Canada October 2011 Student Exchange Program


Industry Institution Interaction

Sr.No. Year Name of Resource Person Background Industry/ Academic/ R&D Topic Covered
1. 2009 Ms. Netra K Concepts Systems, Pune Lecture on "Linux"
2. 2009 Vikas Badami SunGard Technology Services Lecture on SAAS (Software as a Service)
3. 2009 Himanshu Bhatt NVIDIA Lecture on "CUDA Architecture"
4. 2009 Vinay Sathe Softspin Technologies, Pune Opportunities in Mobile Device Side Computing
5. 2009 Abhishek Rathod Research Scholar Advance Algorithms
6. 2010 Prateek Saxena VIT alumni
Ph.D student,
Uni.of California
Lecture on “Network Security and Research opportunities in US”
7. 2010 Aditya Landge NVIDIA, Pune Lecture on CUDA Architecture and Applications
8. 2010 Piyush Daga NVIDIA, Pune Lecture on CUDA Architecture and Applications
9. 2010 Manesh Nambiar, 
Rashmi Khanna
IBM, Pune Enhancing Skills for Career Advancement
10. 2010 Udayan Kanade, CEO Onerix Lab, Pune Getting Creative Ideas for Research
11. 2010 Dimple Kuriakose Onerix Lab ,Pune Legal Issues in Research: Patenting, Copyright, Plagiarism
12. 2012 Dr. Aditya Abhyankar VIIT, Pune Proposal Writing
13. 2012 Dr. S Jabade VIIT, Pune Patenting, Copyright, Plagiarism
14. 2012 Udayan Kanade, CEO Onerix Lab, Pune Getting Creative Ideas for Research
15. 2012 Rohit Puranik Concepts Systems, Pune Network Security
16. 2012 B. Menenzes IIT, Bombay Network Security

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