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What Is the Difference Between Computer Science & Information Technology?

What Is the Difference Between Computer Science & Information Technology?

Feeling confused about your career path in computer science or information technology? You're not alone. It's common for people to struggle with the difference between CS and IT engineering and often mistake one for the other. However, you cannot be stuck in such confusion when making a career decision. You need clarity. So, in this blog, we'll assist you in understanding the difference between CS and IT engineering, the required skills for each, how to pursue them, suitable career options, and the respective salaries so that you can choose your career wisely. 

The difference between CS and IT can be blurred. Sometimes, IT jobs need computer science knowledge, and programming tasks can seem like IT work. Jobs which rely on computer science, like web development or software engineering, can also be called IT work. This can all make things confusing.

Difference Between IT and Computer Science?

Let’s keep it simple, using real-life examples. Think of computer science as a chef cooking new recipes and information technology as a restaurant manager running a successful restaurant. 

As a chef experiments with different ingredients and cooking techniques to create new dishes, computer engineers explore algorithms, data structures, and programming languages to develop innovative software solutions. They focus on understanding the fundamental principles of computing and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in technology.

Similar to how a restaurant manager ensures the smooth operation of a restaurant, information technology professionals manage and maintain computer systems, networks, and software applications to support the daily operations of businesses and organisations. They focus on implementing and optimising existing technologies to meet users' needs and requirements.

Is Information Technology a part of Computer Science?

Imagine computer science as a vast ocean encompassing many concepts, theories, and applications related to computing. Within this ocean is a smaller body of water called information technology, a subset of computer science.

Computer Science is like a big umbrella covering everything about computers and their work. It's about designing, making, and using them for various things. On the other hand, Information Technology (IT) is more about using computers to solve real-life problems. IT people are the ones who make sure computer networks run smoothly, create software, and help people when they have technical issues. Even though IT is a part of Computer Science, they have a lot in common and share many basic ideas.

What Skills Do You Need for a Career in Computer Science and IT?


Computer Science 

Information Technology 

Programming languages like Python, C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Programming languages, especially scripting languages like Python and Powershell

Statistics, algebra, and/or calculus

Troubleshooting methods

Familiarity with code-sharing platforms like GitHub

Network configuration

Understanding of the software development lifecycle

Security infrastructure like setting up firewalls and routers

Artificial intelligence methods like machine learning and deep learning and tools like Apache Spark and Hadoop

Ethical hacking or penetration testing

Data analysis and database tools like SQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Excel

Data administration skills like SQL


How do you build your career in information technology and computer science?

In Computer Science, a bachelor’s degree is typically the standard educational requirement for entry-level positions, providing a comprehensive understanding of computing principles and programming languages. However, individuals seeking to go deeper into specialised areas or aspire to leadership roles often pursue degrees such as a Master of Science in Computer Science or a PhD. These advanced programs offer opportunities to explore advanced topics like machine learning, software engineering, or computer architecture, equipping graduates with the expertise needed to tackle complex challenges and drive innovation in the field. 

Individuals entering the Information Technology (IT) field start with a bachelor’s degree. This level of education provides a solid foundation in computer science principles and practical skills necessary for entry-level positions in the industry. However, for those aiming for more competitive or specialised roles, pursuing advanced degrees like a Master of Science in Computer Science can be advantageous.

IT vs Computer Science Salary and Career Opportunity


Computer Science Roles 


Information Technology Roles 


Web developer

INR 4.5 LPA 

Cybersecurity specialist

INR 11.8 LPA 

Full stack developer

INR 9.2 LPA 

Cloud engineer


Software engineer


Network administrator

INR 5.6 LPA 

Robotics engineer


Database administrator

INR 12.4 LPA

Back end engineer


System administrator


Data scientist

INR 14.4 LPA 

Helpdesk technician


Artificial intelligence engineer

INR 11.7 LPA

Computer technician



Computer Science and Information Technology in VIT 

At Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT), Pune, the landscape of Computer Science and Information Technology (IT) education has evolved since its inception. The institution introduced its undergraduate program in Computer Engineering in 1991, followed by the launch of the postgraduate course in 2001. Notably, the doctoral program in Computer Engineering was established in 2011, marking a significant milestone in academic offerings. Led by distinguished faculty members like Prof.(Dr.) S. R. Shinde and Prof. (Dr.) P. P. Ghadekar, the departments have consistently nurtured a culture of academic excellence and practical application. With undergraduate intakes of 240 and 180 students for Computer Science and Information Technology, respectively, VIT. Pune has a strong faculty-student ratio, ensuring personalised attention and mentorship. The faculty members, renowned for their professional expertise, engage students with real-world insights and hands-on learning experiences, providing a dynamic and enriching educational environment. This commitment to quality education and holistic development underscores VIT Pune’s position as a premier Computer Science and Information Technology institution.


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