Dr. Rahul Waikar
Dean International Relations


The meaningful academic collaborations are fostered with the aim of:

  • Offering students international exposure, opportunities and enhancing skills of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VI) faculty by providing platform for interaction, teaching, and research with universities abroad.

  • Academic collaborations with international universities are developed with the following objectives:

    • Establish Two Stage Master's Programmes with foreign universities wherein part of the programme is conducted in Vishwakarma Institute of Technology and other in the foreign university.

    • Establish student exchange programme.

    • Initiate summer internship for Undergraduate and Post graduate Students.

    • Joint research projects with foreign Universities.

    • Recognition of Vishwakarma Institute faculty in foreign Universities as adjunct faculty.

    • Faculty Exchange.

    • Offer opportunity of scholarship benefits to VI students.

    • Offer Students choice for International Post Graduation in third year of engineering and prepare them as per the requirements of the university.



    The international academic relations encompasses diverse continents such as Europe, NTU Connect (Nanyang Technological University of Singapore),Canada,South Korea,Singapore,Japan and South East Asia Collaborations in each of the continent are in tune with one of the said strategies as follows:

    • Europe: Academic collaborations with HOF University of Applied Sciences Germany for student exchange,Internship Program.

    • Canada: Student exchange programmes with group of institutions in Ontario State.

    • USA: Collaboration with Marist College, New York.

    • South Korea: Summer Internships Program with University of Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).

    • NTU Connect: International Internship Research Program with Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.
    • Japan: Internship Program by Shinano Kenshi co.Ltd Japan.


  • Internship Program by METI (Ministry of Economy Trade & Industry) Govt. of Japan

                  Our Student joined Internship Program By Shinano Kenshi co.Ltd Japan.

                              In That Internship he learn a business in motor market Shinano Kenshi Products, the company Technologies, Basic Knowledge of             

                              Designing Motors and also MOT. He didn't only learned Knowledge but actually designed, assembled and evaluated a motor by himself.

                              In this Internship program he made a Great Contribution to globalize Shinano Kensh by proactively communication.

  •    Internship Program by  NTU India Connect Research Internship Program:

                The Vision and Mission of NTUsg "A great Global University founded and science and technology nurturing leaders through research in Diverse 

               disciplines .

                             Three Students from VI have successfully completed one semester in NTU India Connect Research Internship Program. Subject equivalence, credit transfer aspects for each of the students was arrived at by respective Board of Studies of each programme in VI.

  •    International Global Internship program by NTU Singapore:

                 Two Hundred and fifty students have successfully completed One Month Global Internship Program. 


  •  Hof University of Applied Sciences, Germany:
      • Partnership with Hof University of Applied Sciences, Germany is aimed to create a long-term institutional partnership in education and research. The primary objective of this MOU is to promote contact and collaboration between faculty, staff and students, carry out joint research programmes and exchange experiences in education and research Exchange of information and experiences. Representatives of both partners arrange regular joint meetings to exchange experiences in education and research and to prepare joint projects. Joint Seminars/Workshops are held to present the results of this partnership. Focus is given to industry-funded projects and those funded by international agencies.  

      • Canada OIN Canada Programme

        Following are the details:

          • Opportunity for VI student to attend one or more terms in one of the universities.

          • OIN Mobility grant will cover portion of travel costs of VI students.

          • A student from University Windsor ,University of Ottawa and Western University from Ontario to join VI under the student exchange programme from July / September.

          • Forty Six students from VI have completed one semester in Ontario state universities under this programme.

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