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Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering: Decoding the Battle

Computer Science vs Computer Engineering


If you're considering an engineering career and you are fighting the battle of Computer Science vs Computer Engineering, don't worry. These two options might seem confusing, but we'll break the computer science & computer engineering difference for you. We'll also talk about which one can lead to higher pay and the job opportunities they offer. We'll take you on a journey to explore what kind of jobs you can get in both Computer Science Engineering & Computer Engineering, giving you a clear picture of your future.


What is Computer Science Engineering?

When you decide to study computer science engineering. You will deal with the software of the computer. The computer science & computer engineering difference is that computer science places less emphasis on hardware-related aspects. You will create and improve computer programs and applications. You will learn programming languages, software development, and computing architecture, which is the design and structure of a computer. 


What is Computer Engineering? 

In Computer Engineering you deal with the hardware as well as the software of the computer. 

Computer engineers are responsible for creating and testing the physical components (like graphics cards, motherboards, and keyboards) of various devices and applications. They also work on firmware, which is a special kind of software that manages the fundamental operations of these devices. Think of firmware as the software that handles the basic, essential functions of a device, such as the BIOS in your computer or the software inside a TV remote control. In contrast, high-level software, like an operating system, is more complex. Firmware is what allows other software to work together with the hardware effectively.


Comparison of Skills: Computer Science vs Computer Engineering


Computer Science Engineering 

Computer Engineering 


In computer engineering, coding refers to the process of writing instructions in a programming language to create software or firmware that controls or interacts with hardware components.

Computer Architecture

Understanding computer architecture offers valuable insights into the hardware elements of computers, enabling the optimization of software to enhance its performance and efficiency.

Software Development 

Software development skills are the abilities and knowledge required to design, create, test, and maintain software applications or systems. These skills encompass a wide range of technical and non-technical competencies that software developers need to be effective in their work

Familiarity with Networking

While the primary duty of a computer engineer is hardware creation, they also require knowledge of computer communication and the strategic use of internet connectivity to maximize their capabilities.


To get better at coding and information technology, you need to start by doing some research. When you're not sure how to do something or which way is best, computer engineers use their great research skills to find and understand information.

Principles of Electrical Engineering

To design new hardware and devices, computer engineers need a solid understanding of how electronics work to ensure that the hardware functions correctly. This understanding is built on a thorough knowledge of electrical engineering principles.

Excellent math and numerical skills 

Computer science is closely tied to the design and analysis of algorithms. Math skills are essential for understanding the efficiency and correctness of algorithms

Computer Science Fundamentals

Computer engineers are well-versed in computer science, which includes creating algorithms, handling data structures, using programming languages, and knowing how computers work.


Career Options in Computer Science & Computer Engineering


The computer science market is growing much faster than other occupations. Career options in computer science engineering and computer engineering are experiencing rapid growth. The employment outlook for computer hardware engineers indicates a projected 5 percent increase from 2022 to 2032.* It's important to highlight that individuals with a computer science degree can also explore roles in computer engineering. 


Here are a few career options that one can look into after completing their graduation




Top Recruiters 

Software Developer

The salary typically falls in the range of Rs. 4.5 to Rs. 5 lakhs per annum. For newcomers, it can vary from Rs. 3 to Rs. 7 lakhs per annum, and with years of experience, it can rise to a range of 10 to 15 lakhs per annum. Amazon 

Tata Consultancy 





Full Stack Software Developer

The salary typically falls in the range of Rs. 4.5 to Rs. 5 lakhs per annum. For newcomers, it can vary from Rs. 3 to Rs. 7 lakhs per annum, and with years of experience, it can rise to a range of 10 to 15 lakhs per annum. Tata Consultancy  


BNY Mellon 




Data Analyst 

The average salary is approximately Rs. 4.5 to 5 lakhs per annum. While it can vary from Rs. 3 to 10 lakhs per annum, most companies typically offer a stable salary in the range of Rs. 5 to 8 lakhs per annum Accenture 


S&P Global 




Data Scientist

The present average salary is Rs. 8 lakhs per annum, with a range of Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs depending on experience. Fractal Analytics 




Mu Sigma 

Cyber Security Specialist

The salary typically falls in the range of Rs. 7 to 10 lakhs per annum, with an overall income spanning from Rs. 7 to 15 lakhs per annum. Nexus IT Group

Alta Associates


Bradley-Morris, LLC


Blackmere Consulting

Data Engineer

Rs. 8 – Rs. 9 LPA. It ranges between Rs. 4 LPA to Rs. 20 LPA. Tech Mahindra 






Machine Learning Engineer

Rs. 7 LPA, ranges between Rs. 3 LPA to Rs. 20 LPA. Amazon 



Tata Consultancy  

PHN Technology 


Game Developer

The standard salary is Rs. 5 lakhs per annum, varying from Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs based on development quality and seniority. Unity 

Ingenyuty Gaming 






*Source - Bureau of Labor Statistics


Computer Science Engineer or Computer Engineer. Who gets paid more? 


The potential income in both computer science engineering and computer engineering can vary widely based on factors such as specialization, location, experience, and the specific job role. 


What is Right for You computer science or computer engineering ?


On average, if you're looking for a well-paying career in the tech industry, both computer science and computer engineering can offer competitive salaries. Your choice should be based on your personal interests, skills, and career goals rather than solely on income potential. Consider what aspects of technology and computing you are most passionate about, as that will likely lead to a more fulfilling and successful career.




The choice between Computer Science and Computer Engineering ultimately comes down to your interests and career goals. Both fields offer promising opportunities with competitive salaries in the tech industry. So, follow your passion, and you'll find a rewarding and successful career path, whether in software-centric Computer Science or the hardware-software mixture of Computer Engineering.


Some computer science engineering roles, particularly in areas like data science and artificial intelligence, can command high salaries. On the other hand, computer engineering roles can also offer competitive salaries, especially for those with expertise in hardware design and development.



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7 Career Opportunities After Chemical Engineering Degree

Best Career Opportunities After Chemical Engineering Degree

A Chemical Engineering degree opens up the doors to a lot of exciting and well-compensated career opportunities. In this blog, we'll explore seven diverse career prospects for those who are exploring opportunities after a Chemical Engineering Degree and look at the key skills required, salary expectations, and prominent recruiters in each field. We'll also explore Chemical Engineering salary trends and sectors, along with identifying the prime cities for employment.


1. Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers work on projects related to environmental protection, pollution control, and sustainable practices. Exploring opportunities after a Chemical Engineering Degree, graduates can find employment in government agencies, consulting firms, and industries with a strong focus on environmental compliance, offering promising career prospects.

The number of jobs for environmental engineers is forecasted to grow by 8.3% by 2026. There are projected to be about 4,000 openings on average every year for professionals in this field.* 

Key Skills Needed An Enviromental Engineer

Communication skills are needed to be an environmental engineer so that they can explain plans, specifications & findings. Environmental engineers apply various mathematical concepts, including calculus and trigonometry, in their tasks involving analysis, design, and problem-solving.

Enviromental Engineer Salary 

The salary for Environmental Engineers in India spans from ₹1.8 Lakhs to ₹9.5 Lakhs, with an average yearly income of ₹4.0 Lakhs.**

Top Recruiters 

Tata Steel

Dar Group

CDM Smith


ABC Techno Labs

Jindal Stainless

**Source - Ambitionbox 

*Source - IndiaToday



2. Energy Engineer

Energy engineers work to optimise energy consumption and efficiency in various industries. They may be involved in designing energy-efficient processes and systems or working on renewable energy projects. Producing electricity is a sign of a developed country. India is moving toward cleaner ways of making power, like wind and solar. Right now, we have 73 GW of clean energy, but we can have 363 GW. So, being an energy engineer in this field is a good career choice.*

Key skills needed for an energy engineer

In energy engineering, smart thinking can help you find clever solutions when faced with problems. Depending on your job, you might also need skills like good communication, management skills, and knowledge about energy markets and industry trends.

Energy engineer salary 

The salary of an Energy Engineer in India can be anywhere from ₹1.8 LPA to ₹9 LPA, and the typical yearly salary is around ₹3.5 LPA.**

Top recruiters 


TRS Staffing Solutions


HCS Renewable

Chris Turzo

**Source - Ambitionbox 

*Source - idreamcareer

3. Product Development Engineer

Adopting this role could be the best opportunity after chemical engineering. These engineers focus on developing new products or improving existing ones. They work closely with research and development teams to create innovative products. Chemical engineers are really good at creating new products because of their strong education, analytical thinking, systematic approach, and problem-solving skills. 

Key skills needed for an product development engineer

As a product developer, it's crucial to possess a solid grasp of both the creative and technical aspects of product development. Key skills for success in this role include creativity, effective problem-solving, good attention to detail, and excellent communication abilities.

Product development engineer Salary

The salary for Product Development Engineers in India can vary from ₹2.0 Lakhs to ₹14.0 Lakhs.*

Top Recruiters 


Harman Connected Services 

Ford Motor 

Mercedes Benz Research & Development India 

Ashok Leyland  

*Source - Ambitionbox 

4. Chemical Plant Manager

One of the best opportunities after chemical engineering is to be a chemical plant manager. The job of a chemical plant manager is to oversee the day-to-day operations of chemical manufacturing facilities, ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance with regulations.

Key skills needed - Organisation and managerial skills, supply-chain knowledge

The projected growth rate for all industrial production managers from 2020 to 2030 is expected to be 5%. *

Salary - The salary range for Plant Managers in India, with under 5 years of experience up to 26 years, spans from ₹6.0 LPA to ₹50.0 LPA.**

**Source - Ambitionbox 

5. Process Engineer

Process engineers work to design, optimise, and oversee manufacturing processes in industries such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food and beverage, and more. If you start working as a process engineer you’ll work in either one of these industries -  agriculture, lifestyle, chemical, energy, infrastructure and health care. As India's manufacturing sector expands, so do opportunities for product development engineers. The Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) projects that by 2025, India's manufacturing sector will reach US$1 trillion*, accounting for a quarter of the country's GDP. 

Key skills needed for an Process engineer -

To be a good process engineer, you need to know your way around machines and be familiar with software like AutoCAD, MATLAB, and SOLIDWORKS. Good communication skills are also vital for working well with the management.

Process Engineer Salary -

In India, the salary for Process Engineers typically varies from ₹2.0 LPA to ₹10.2 LPA, and the average annual salary is around ₹5.8 LPA.*

Top Recruiters 

Wells Fargo


L&T Technology Services Ltd.

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Technip Energies

**Source - Ambitionbox 

*Source - Indian Brand Equity Foundation 

6. Petrochemical Engineer

Engage in the extraction of oil and gas, employing the principles of chemistry and geology to extract natural resources from beneath the Earth's surface. They also handle the chemicals derived from gas, coal, and petroleum. According to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, the Chemicals and petrochemicals demand in India is expected to nearly triple and reach USD 1 trillion by 2040”*

Key skills needed for an Petrochemical Engineer

Petroleum engineers in India need to be sharp in different areas. They have to carefully plan drilling operations, thinking ahead to avoid problems. They also need to be creative, finding ways to get oil and gas from new places. Math skills are a must, using advanced math for designing and fixing things in the oil industry.

Petrochemical Engineer Salary 

The annual salary of a Petroleum Engineer in India typically falls in the range of ₹2 LPA to ₹20.4 LPA, depending upon the experience with an average yearly income of ₹4.3 LPA.**

Top recruiters 

Bharat Petroleum
Indian Oil Corporation 

Quest Global 


Oil & Natural Gas Corporation 

*Source - Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas

**Source - Ambitionbox


7. Chemical Engineering Professor

To become a professor in college, a candidate must complete his Master’s degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering and clear the state and national level entrance exams. In order to become a professor at renowned engineering colleges, it is advisable to pursue an MTech degree in chemical engineering, ideally followed by a PhD.

Key skills needed for an Chemical Engineering Professor

The ideal candidate should be someone with good professional values, great people skills, and excellent spoken and written communication abilities. Should be able to build a strong research program, and teach both undergraduate and graduate courses effectively.

Chemical Engineering Professor Salary 

In India, the salary for a Chemical Engineering Lecturer can vary from ₹1.8 LPA to ₹30.0 LPA, with an average annual salary of ₹10.0 LPA. The Department of Higher Education, MHRD, Govt. of India has issued the minimum entry-level Professor salary in India to be Rs. 1,44,200 per month under UGC guidelines. * In addition to the basic pay, Professors will also receive academic grade pay of Rs. 10,000 as per Academic Pay-Level 14 along with additional perks & allowances like DA, HRA, medical insurance, post-retirement benefits,* etc. Top universities in India, such as IITs, IIMs, NITs, VIT Pune, Delhi University, NIFT, Christ University, and Symbiosis, offer higher salary packages.

*Source -

Chemical Engineering Salary Trends & Sectors 

Sectors for chemical engineers

  • Oil & Gas Companies


  • Chemical Engineering Companies


  • Fertiliser Companies


  • Food and Drink Companies


  • Process Engineering


  • Pharmaceutical Companies


  • Power and Energy Companies


  • Water Treatment Plants


  • Colleges & Universities


  • Air conditioning and refrigeration industry


Sector Wise Chemical Engineering Salary Trends



Average Salary 

Petroleum (Oil & Gas)

₹ 7 LPA

Power & Energy 

₹ 6 LPA


₹ 5.6 LPA


₹ 4.8 LPA

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 

₹ 4.5 LPA


(Make an infographic for this)

(Source - College Duniya)



Top Cities to offer work opportunities after chemical engineering 

Delhi - with a mix of industrial, research & government sectors. Chemical engineers earn an average of  INR 12 LPA  

Bangalore - “Silicon Valley of India” - The Technology Hub. The sectors mainly focus on electronics, software, and biotechnology. In Bangalore's high-tech environment, chemical engineers can earn annual salaries of up to INR 12 LPA, showcasing the city's competitive compensation opportunities.

Kolkata - The historical significance and growing industries, present opportunities for chemical engineers in sectors like manufacturing & research. Salaries in Kolkata typically range up to INR 9.2 LPA.

Mumbai - Chemical engineers in Mumbai earn different yearly salaries, with the average usually around INR 7.8 lakhs, depending on their experience and the industry they work in.

Chennai - In Chennai, professionals in the field of chemical engineering typically receive an annual salary of INR 6 lakhs. The city's robust industrial growth maintains a continuous need for individuals skilled in process optimisation and research.

Hyderabad - Hyderabad has a growing pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, providing job opportunities for chemical engineers in research and development, quality control, and process development. Salaries in this sector can range from INR 4 to 8 LPA.

Pune - Along with the pleasant weather, the presence of chemical and automotive industries, makes it an attractive destination for chemical engineers. Entry-level salaries can range from INR 3 to 6 LPA. 

Source: (


Getting a degree in chemical engineering opens up a wide range of great career choices in different fields, and they usually come with good pay. There are also some interesting government job options. You can even explore other careers like biotechnology and food science. If you continue your education and get some extra certifications, you can make your job prospects even better. Chemical engineering is a flexible and valuable field with lots of chances for success.


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