Mrunal Vaze (Final Year B.Tech, Mechanical)

What makes VIT stand-out are the kind of opportunities it offers to students along with academics which include conferences, research projects, foreign language proficiency, soft skills, student exchange program, internships, extra-curricular activities and great placement statistics.

Teaching & learning at Department of Mechanical Engineering has been absolutely top-class and has contributed to a strong foundation. It is a nice blend of theory, practical sessions, seminars, workshops, industrial visits and real-life projects. Lab facilities are very good and give a hands-on experience. Department has played a major role in shaping my career.

I am transformed into a responsible engineer and citizen during my tenure at VIT.


Roshan Rangarajan  (Final Year BTech, Mechanical)

Its been Three years since I Joined VIT, Pune. Each day of these three years have been full of Learning, Understanding, Sharing and Growing. I am sure, these will be my Golden Days whenever I travel down the memory lane, in future.

The Mechanical Engineering Faculty Members have been Exceptional. Many of them - as Gurus - have played the right role of being a Friend, Philosopher and Guide. My Salutations to all.

I assure you all, dear Teachers, that I would strive to the best of my ability, to become an Engineer on whom my country, my family, my college and my teachers would be proud of.



Sanjana Shinde (Final Year B.Tech, Mechanical)

“Learning at VIT has always been joyful. The learning is not only through lectures but also through various projects, seminars, clubs, competitions and industrial visits. The teachers are experienced, dedicated and motivating. The course is also thoughtfully designed with many electives, honors and minor courses.

VIT has given me the opportunities to grow and better myself. It has made me technically sound, confident and ready to face the industry.”


Neha Pardeshi (TY BTech, Mechanical)

“I am very thankful to my department and faculty members, as along with academics they do support in co-curricular activities. Department has formed a group for all the girls of our department, where we discuss all topics along with studies. I feel very grateful to be a part of this department.”