Mr P. N. Rangarajan (Businessman, Pune)

(Father of Roshan Rangarajan, Final Year BTech, Mechanical)

“The Mechanical Engineering Department and its faculty members have spared no efforts in inculcating healthy habits, good work culture, team spirits along with up-to-date Engineering Education.

I am sure, with the guidance provided, each of these students, will hold his / her head high in facing the Challenges and Requirements of time.”



Mr Sanjiv Shinde (CEO, Smita-Impex, Pune)

(Father of Sanjana Shinde, Final Year BTech, Mechanical)

 “What the institute lacked in terms of campus is more than adequately compensated by professional and well qualified faculty, a well-designed curriculum, for a holistic development of the student.

 As a parent I am proud to have been able to provide my daughter an education at par with renowned institutes for which I am grateful to VIT.”



Mr Prashant Vaze (Chief Engineer, Pride Purple Group, Pune)

(Father of Mrunal Vaze, Final Year BTech, Mechanical)

 "Department of Mechanical Engineering has left no stone unturned in imparting engineering knowledge along with its relevance in outside world. All professors are very helpful and ensure growth and excellence.

 VIT provides plenty of opportunities for students to pursue their interests."