Archit Hardikar


"I credit my alma mater, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, for sculpting the engineer I am today. The exceptional faculty in the Mechanical Engineering department not only ignited my passion for machine dynamics but also emphasized the significance of electronics and robotics. Through engaging experiences in robotics, AI clubs, workshops, and exposure to industry training and conferences, my educational journey at this institution has transformed me into a dedicated lifelong learner."

Kaustubh Patil

"The holistic approach at VIT, blending academics with a lively extracurricular scene and the technical expertise gained from Veloce Racing, played a crucial role in preparing students for corporate interviews and postgraduate studies. Personally, I secured a position in Kirloskar Oil Engines, working in the R&D section". 

 Vedant Deokule

"The comprehensive curriculum at VIT not only prepared me for the highly competitive job market but also laid a strong foundation for my Master's program. In addition, the emphasis on extracurricular and cocurricular activities played a vital role in my overall personal development. I am grateful to the mechanical department and expert faculty members for their support throughout the four years of my engineering."

Neha Shinde (Year of Graduation 2013)

Senior Engineer I at John Deere India Pvt Ltd


 “Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the most celebrated departments of the college. Unique to its offering include the well-equipped lab facilities, opportunities not just limiting to technical know-how and relations with academic universities and industries but also the freedom to experiment and learn on our own. I feel proud to be associated with an institute of such an established reputation and look forward to see it grow….”