Prof Dr S. L. Bapat

Prof. Bapat graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Govt. College of Engineering, Amravati in the year 1973. It was under Nagpur University at that time.

He completed his M. Tech. (Thermal Engineering) and Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi in 1975 and 1982 respectively. The Ph. D. work was related to Thermodynamic Properties of New Refrigerant-Absorbent combination for Solar Energy based Vapour absorption refrigeration systems.

In January 1982 he joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay and reached the position of Professor in 1995. He was the Head, Mechanical Engineering Department from August 2008 - August 2011.

His areas of interest include Cryogenic insulation, Triple fluid vapour absorption systems, Condensation heat transfer studies for new refrigerant (R123), Stirling Cryocoolers and more recently the development of Stirling Engines.

He has 2 patents granted and has supervised 10 research scholars who completed Ph. D. degree from IIT Bombay. He also has handled a few sponsored research projects and very important consultancy projects successfully. Development of  Liquid Nitrogen Freezing Tunnel for freezing of fish; studies on Stability Chambers; development of Stirling Coolers with cooling capacity ranging from 0.5 W to 1 kW are a few of them. Presently, he is the Principal Investigator for the project on In situ re-condensation of helium using a cryo-cooler.

As Organizing Chairman he was responsible for the conduct of GATE-2005 which went through without any untoward incidence.

He has been teaching the courses related to Refrigeration and Air-conditioning to the under-graduate and post-graduate students.