DEPARTMENT OF Information Technology



Prof(Dr) Premanand Ghadekar is working as a PhD Guide under the faculty of Science and Technology in the subject of Computer Engineering for with effect from 22-07-2021.

PhD Guidance-Total Candidates currently pursuing PhD-04

  1.            Student Name: Shinde Madhumati Balawantrao

           Research Topic: -Secure approach for cloud using federated learning

  1. Student Name: Mrs. Sonal Sachin Fatangare 

Research Topic: Content-based Photorealistic Image Synthesis using Artificial Intelligence

  1. Student Name: Kute Tushar Bhagwan

            Research Topic: Brahmi Script Recognition of inscription text using

           Artificial Intelligence

  1. Name-Dombale Anita Bapu

      Research Topic- Disease identification and risk prediction for diabetic Patients





GedIT”- Coding Club

The “GedIT” is a club organised by the IT and MCA students that mainly focuses on training and developing the coding skills of the fellow members who have joined the club for learning various diversities of Coding and Design.

The club has established in 2017-18.

Faculty Coordinator:

  • Prof. Dr. P. P. Ghadekar
  • Mrs. A. R. Sawant


Names of coordinators:

  • Vaishnav Sonawane
  •          Pranav Ratnaparkhi
  •          AlakKoul

 Names of trainers:

C and C++  Programming

  • Ms. AlakKoul
  • Mr. Pranav Ratnaparkhi,
  • Ms. MrunaliniEkhar,
  • Mr.Harsh More,
  • Ms.Vaibhavi Shetty
  • Ms. SanikaRawate


Mr. Jayesh Deshmukh,

Ms. AnujaDargode

    Java programming:

Mr. Jayesh Deshmukh,

Mr. Vaishnav Sonawane

    Machine Learning :

Mr. Dhruva Khanwelkar,

Ms. NirvishaSoni and Ms. Juhi Rajani


Total student registration count:250+



Student Coordinator:

  • Raunak Agrawal
  • Shantanu Pingale
  • Adarsh Sharma

Total student registration count: 250+

Sessions conducted



Student Coordinator:

  • Ashay Ilame
  • Sandesh Devarapalli
  • Pranav H. Deo



Ø  Python & R:

Shruti Bidwalkar and Arnav Jeurkar

Ø  Java:

Kiran Swami and Rostika Meshram

Ø  C++:

Sayali Wakudkar and Sumedh Kamble

Ø  Android:

Lina Shejwal and Shrinivas Gutte


Kshitija Murumkar and Isha Potnis (Front End)

Sandesh Devarapalli and Pranav H. Deo (Back End)


Total student registration count: 150

 2018-19: Certificate of appreciation was given to previous year trainers and coordinators.

 Names of coordinators:

·         Shubham Kumar

·         Affan Shaikh

·         Shreeya Deshpande


Names of trainers:

Ø  C & C++:

·         Vishal Dolase

·         Yogini Kokate

·         Dinesh Hebare

·         Soham Raina

Ø  Python:

·         Rohit Kale

·         Vikas Pathak

·         Atul Jain

·         Saurabh Rudrawar

Ø  Java:

·         Vikas Nagare

·         Vinay Chellwani

·         Sharyu Deshmukh

·         Niket Doke

Ø  Android:

·         Pranjali Kulkarni

·         Hitesh Sachdev

·         Nikhil Agarwal

Ø  Machine Learning:

·         Affan Shaikh

·         Shreeya Deshpande


Total student registration count: 230


2019-20: Distributed Certificates to all participants and trophy to winners.

Certificate of appreciation was given to previous year trainers and coordinators.


Names of coordinators:

Sadanand Gandewar

• Kunal Kavthekar

•Rahul Chugwani

•Anuj Khandelwal



Names of trainers:

Ø  C & C++:

Riya Pande

•Manasi More

•Param Mirani

•Raghav Sadany

•Sintu Kumar


Ø  Python:

Kunal Kavthekar

•Nikhil Shinde

•Pooja Chendke

•Mohit Tilokchandani


Ø  Java:

Siddhi Bhor

•Vedika Hatekar

•Pankaj Gopalani

•Satyajeet Rathod


Ø  Android:

 Omkar Korate

Nikhil Kulkarni

Ajinkya Kulkarni

 Pragya Korpal



Ø  Web Development:

  Rahul Chugwani

•Sukhdeep Singh Gill

• Srivallabh Mangrulkar


Ø  Ethical Hacking:

Jatin Garhwani

• Aishwarya Chandak


Total student registration count: 247