DEPARTMENT OF Chemical Engineering


B. Tech student Testimonial

Hitesh parmar

Along with academics I enjoyed a lot in doing extra co curricular activities Due to which I am able to build a management skill in his overall personality. I thank our faculty member for showing faith on me And finally I thanks Vit and chemical  department for getting placed in navin fluorine.


Pranav B Sharma

VIT is one of the renowned colleges not only in Pune but also in Maharashtra. It has a great campus along with superb infrastructure. 

The chemical engineering department is very well equipped with all the required laboratory equipments and has almost all the software's to get a hands on experience. The staff is very supportive and helpful. They encourage you to participate and excel not only in regular curriculum but also in extra curricular. A student can freely interact with any teacher and is guided excellently at VIT. One to one attention towards students and continuous assessment is something great which VIT offers.


S.Y. B. Tech student Testimonial

Raaj Bora

My second year in chemical department at VIT college was very interesting and I learnt lots of new things. We had the opportunity to study some important subjects that were taught and explained very well by our teachers, and thus became very easy to understand. Another thing that I enjoyed in both the semesters was our mini-project. We had great fun while researching for our project as well as implementing it and learnt a lot at the same time. Apart from Academics, I also had the chance to represent our college in the prestigious Firodiya Karandak and that helped me improve my music skills. There were also some events and presentations organised by the college and our department which covered various pertinent topics. 

To sum it up, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and gained a lot of knowledge in my second year and hope for the same in the coming years at VIT. Proud to be a VITian.



The second year in V.I.T was a new beginning for me. As I walked into my first class in I was a bit worried and a bit excited at the same time. But all my fears were put to a rest after I had my first week in college. I learnt so much more about chemical engineering. It was inspiring and after that I realized this was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Over the last one year my knowledge, application and skills have increased exponentially and I owe this achievement to all my teachers and family and friends.

The last one year in V.I.T have been extremely exciting. The institute has a great atmosphere and pushes students into new horizons. I have come to learn a lot about myself in the last 12 months and hope to better this in the coming years.

T. Y. B. Tech. Chemical Engg.


Nikki Lal

Being in VIT has been a great learning experience. The curriculum of B Tech Chemical Engg, being a blend of IIT Bombay and ICT Mumbai, makes me feel no less as a Chemical Engineer.  The college assures quality of education and holistic development of students with national level technical and cultural activities that have opened new horizon for participation and learning for students. What more could I have asked for.


Supriya Patil

College a single word reminids me of so many things at a time! For me VIT is like my second home, where I have grown, made mistakes, guided by professors, spent time with amazing friends and many more experiences. Learning in VIT has been a complete package.

M. Tech student Testimonial

Ali Ahmed

Ali mtech second year  international student.

I am from south iraq. Before coming to India his thinking was like India is not good place for him But some of his friends who is already there in Vit they told some thing about this country  and then he changed his mind... And now like every indian wo bhi jai hind bolta hai 

About Vit and chemical department.

He said chemical department is like a family to me. They helped me alot in each every step of his academics ... He never felt like he is away from his country


Nikhil Nilange

Getting in VIT was best turn of his help…. He immensely benefitted by knowledge of our professors. Finally I would address my juniors by saying  “Small milate jao aur large banate jao”