DEPARTMENT OF Chemical Engineering


Ajay Nagarkar (2000)

Ph.D, Chemical Engineering, Organic Nano-photovoltaic Researcher,

Chonbuk National University, South Korea.

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H.P. +82-10-5794-9944

The years spent in VIT Instrumentation were one of those years that I will cherish forever. It inculcated in us the spirit of curiosity for Engineering, the desire of get down to the basics and to understand concepts thoroughly. Heads of department and faculty were not just teaching the "syllabus" but were bringing in front of us, as many industry relevant components as possible. The initiative of getting companies to invest in projects and getting these projects executed within the department was of great benefit to the students and faculty. Amazing students around made those years fly and was definitely another huge source of learning and co-creating. Wishing VIT Instrumentation Department the very best !



Ajay Singh

“I was lucky to choose VIT Chemical to pursue my Bachelor of Engineering, all though I had opportunity to take admission in any other institute in Pune University. By the time, I completed my engineering; it was evident that decision to study in VIT was perfectly all right. We had professors from all over with industrial and practical experiences, who taught us, how to translate classroom knowledge for industrial & corporate use. Moreover, several in-house certification and PG diploma course of VIT made us different than students from other institutes during campus recruitment session.  Best thing, which I cherish and would continue to do that; is my classmates from Golden Batch (first Batch) and our juniors, who passed out subsequently. They are the life time gift to us from the institute.”