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5 Day Workshop on ANN with Handson

5 Day Workshop on ANN with Handson

Date : 1st- 5th March 2017

Details of event are given in complete details in document with following link

State level seminar On Bioenergy for future (4th – 5th February, 2016)

Expert Lectures:

  • Bio-algae future fuel, Dr. Reena Pandit, Scientist, DBT-ICT Center Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
  • Food verses Fuel: Scenario in India by Prof. Dr. Rekha Singhal, Professor and Dean (Research consultancy and resource mobilization), Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
  • Biobutanol: Next generation biofuel, Dr. Sandip Bankar, DST-Inspire scientist, New Delhi
  • Biofuels via biorefinary: Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering Challenges, By Dr. Indrakant Borkar, Praj- Matrix Industries, Pune
  • Biogas from domestic waste: upcoming technology for future, Mr. Vishal Khardekar, Xenon Waste energy pvt ltd., Pune.
  • Biogas from human waste, Prof. Dr. Dhananjay Bhatkhande, Professor and Head, vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune

Participants for the events
Total Number of Participants : 50 Out of VIT participants : 36 VIT participants : 14

National Workshop On Computational Fluid Dynamics: Empowering tools with Hands on (15th - 19th February, 2016)

Expert Lectures:

  • Introduction to CFD as an Empowering tool for scientific and engineering applications

(Dr. Vivek Ranade, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune)

  • Mathematical modeling of flow processes, turbulent flow, multiphase flow, reactive flows. (Governing equations, boundary conditions etc.) (Dr.Vivek Buwa, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)
  • Pre-processing (Solid modeler, surface modeler, top-down/bottom up approach, Mesh generation) (Dr. Madhavi Sardeshpande, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune)
  • Solver (Grid import, Solver control, Sliding mesh/multiple reference frame, Simulation monitoring and convergence, user defining equations) (Dr. Gopal Kasat, Tridigonal Solutions, Pune)
  • Post-processing (Introduction to data analysis, error analysis, residue reduction, visualization with various tools) (Karthik Sundarraj, ARK Infosolutions, Mumbai)
  • CFD of gas entrainment process (Dr. Ashwin Patwardhan, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai)


  • CFD of non-conventional reactors ( Dr. Sanjay Mahajani, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai)
  • CFD of electrolyte membrane process for caustic soda synthesis (Dr. Randheer Yadav, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions India Private Limited, Mumbai)
  • CFD of rotating flows systems, introduction to open foam (Prof. Dr. S. Pavitran, Professor, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune)

Hand-on Experience: (Single geometry will be exercised for progressive complexities as follows)
This will be coordinated by research scholars from NCL.

  • Introductions to Fluent 15 software Tutorials
  • Mesh generation with Fluent, Laminar flow, Simple fluid flow
  • Turbulent flow
  • Heat transfer
  • Species mixing
  • multiphase flow, Reactive Flows (depend on availability of time)

Participants for the events Out of Maharashtra : 14 Within Maharashtra but out of VIT Pune : 25 From VIT : 24
Total participants : 63

Past Activities

1. Aspen plus workshop as part of Melange 2016

Date: 6th February 2016.

Number of participants : 35


2. HTRI workshop as part of Melange 2016

Date : 5th February 2016.

Number of participants:  41


3. Visit to Shivshakti Oxalate, Kurukumb MIDC, Daund.

Not of student participated : 40


4. Visit to Clean science and Technology, Kurkumb MIDC, Daund.

Not of student participated : 40