DEPARTMENT OF Chemical Engineering


Visit of Dr. Prashant valluri to Department of Chemical Engineering

International Mentor

Visit of Dr. Prashant Valluri

Head of Graduate School, School of Engineering,

Edinburg University, UK

Date : 4th July 2022

International Mentor for Department of Chemical Engg.,

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune

5 Day Workshop on ANN with Handson

5 Day Workshop on ANN with Handson

Date : 1st- 5th March 2017

Details of event are given in complete details in document with following link

State level seminar On Bioenergy for future (4th – 5th February, 2016)

Expert Lectures:

  • Bio-algae future fuel, Dr. Reena Pandit, Scientist, DBT-ICT Center Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
  • Food verses Fuel: Scenario in India by Prof. Dr. Rekha Singhal, Professor and Dean (Research consultancy and resource mobilization), Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
  • Biobutanol: Next generation biofuel, Dr. Sandip Bankar, DST-Inspire scientist, New Delhi
  • Biofuels via biorefinary: Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering Challenges, By Dr. Indrakant Borkar, Praj- Matrix Industries, Pune
  • Biogas from domestic waste: upcoming technology for future, Mr. Vishal Khardekar, Xenon Waste energy pvt ltd., Pune.
  • Biogas from human waste, Prof. Dr. Dhananjay Bhatkhande, Professor and Head, vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune

Participants for the events
Total Number of Participants : 50 Out of VIT participants : 36 VIT participants : 14

National Workshop On Computational Fluid Dynamics: Empowering tools with Hands on (15th - 19th February, 2016)

Expert Lectures:

  • Introduction to CFD as an Empowering tool for scientific and engineering applications

(Dr. Vivek Ranade, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune)

  • Mathematical modeling of flow processes, turbulent flow, multiphase flow, reactive flows. (Governing equations, boundary conditions etc.) (Dr.Vivek Buwa, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)
  • Pre-processing (Solid modeler, surface modeler, top-down/bottom up approach, Mesh generation) (Dr. Madhavi Sardeshpande, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune)
  • Solver (Grid import, Solver control, Sliding mesh/multiple reference frame, Simulation monitoring and convergence, user defining equations) (Dr. Gopal Kasat, Tridigonal Solutions, Pune)
  • Post-processing (Introduction to data analysis, error analysis, residue reduction, visualization with various tools) (Karthik Sundarraj, ARK Infosolutions, Mumbai)
  • CFD of gas entrainment process (Dr. Ashwin Patwardhan, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai)


  • CFD of non-conventional reactors ( Dr. Sanjay Mahajani, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai)
  • CFD of electrolyte membrane process for caustic soda synthesis (Dr. Randheer Yadav, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions India Private Limited, Mumbai)
  • CFD of rotating flows systems, introduction to open foam (Prof. Dr. S. Pavitran, Professor, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune)

Hand-on Experience: (Single geometry will be exercised for progressive complexities as follows)
This will be coordinated by research scholars from NCL.

  • Introductions to Fluent 15 software Tutorials
  • Mesh generation with Fluent, Laminar flow, Simple fluid flow
  • Turbulent flow
  • Heat transfer
  • Species mixing
  • multiphase flow, Reactive Flows (depend on availability of time)

Participants for the events Out of Maharashtra : 14 Within Maharashtra but out of VIT Pune : 25 From VIT : 24
Total participants : 63

Past Activities

1. Aspen plus workshop as part of Melange 2016

Date: 6th February 2016.

Number of participants : 35


2. HTRI workshop as part of Melange 2016

Date : 5th February 2016.

Number of participants:  41


3. Visit to Shivshakti Oxalate, Kurukumb MIDC, Daund.

Not of student participated : 40


4. Visit to Clean science and Technology, Kurkumb MIDC, Daund.

Not of student participated : 40