Research Activities

The Electronics Engineering Department is energetically engaged in research activities ranging from practical implementation to theoretical investigations. The research work is funded by the Government and Corporate funding agencies. The research work is also published in leading International Journals and Conferences. Following are the highlights of the research activities.


Research Grants



Sr. No.

Faculty Name

Research Project Name

Grant Amount Sanctioned


Prof. (Dr.) R.M. Jalnekar , Prof. (Smt.) P.A. Kulkarni

Study of Natural and Synthetic sound Signal Parameters for correlating Manifested Human Health Parameters with Biomedical Signals

Rs. 1,60,000/-


Prof. (Dr.) Shripad Subhashrao Bhatlawande

Design and Development of Mobility Assistive Electronic System for Visually Impaired People

Rs. 1,50,000/-


Prof. Vijay Mahadeo Mane

Mobile Tele-Ophthalmology: Development of a low cost screening tool for diabetic retinopathy in rural India

Rs. 1,50,000/-


Prof. Vijay Gaikwad, Prof. Abhay Chopde

Advanced detection of microcracks/damage in Solar Cells”, from BCUD, Savitribai Phule Pune university. The project duration is two years.

Rs. 2,00,000/-


Research Work

  1. Prof. Sangita Kurundkar is actively involved in research area of wireless communication-“Quality of Service in Routing”.

  2. Prof. Siddharth Bhorge is strongly contributing in research domain of Machine learning- “Video Based Indoor Activity Detection and Analysis”.

  3. Prof. VijayGaikwad works in the area of computer vision and image processing-“An Improved Pedestrian Detection and Lane Departure Warning System for Advanced Driver Assistance”. His research project is very well recognized in "Avishkar-State Level Research Convention” in 2014.

  4. Prof. Mrs. Shital Raut works in the area of wireless communication. Her area of Ph.D. is “Develop Large Multiuser Multiple Input Multiple Output – Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) system to improve the performance in fading”.

  5. Prof. Mrs. Pooja Kulkarni is actively involved in research areas Signal Processing, Music Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition – “Study of Natural and Synthetic Sound Signals, Parameters for correlating manifested human health parameters with biomedical signals”. Her research is associated with Kale Diabetic Clinic Pune.

  6. Prof. Mrs. Rupali Tornekar works in the Signal Processing research area, ”ECG Signal Compression, Analysis and Diagnosis of Key morphological features.