Siddhi Karadkhedkar

Student: BTech- Electronics Engineering

It gives me immense pleasure and an exemplary experience to have graduated from Electronics Engineering Department of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune. The department not only enriches the technical knowledge and competitiveness but also works towards the overall personality development of the student with various extra-curricular activities and clubs. The teaching faculty is enthusiastic and friendly in terms of creating a play and learn atmosphere to gain knowledge. The co-curricular activities also help us shape ourselves better, for our professional life, with various professional workshops, guest lectures and talks by eminent personalities. The mini-projects in each semester help us to develop our problem solving skill, team work compatibility and practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge.


Pranay Pramod Kate

Student: BTech- ElectronicsEngineering:Secured AIR 908 in GATE'16.


My experience at MY ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT was very good. It allowed me to develop interpersonal skills, which are extremely important for future field of work. Teachers are very caring, knowledgeable and interested in student’s well-being and all-round growth. Extra-curricular, social activities are also too exciting.


Kuldeep Siddheshwar Patil

Student: BTech- Electronics Engineering (Direct Second Year Admission)


I am direct second year student so I lived three years in college. Basically, placement from college is good.Student activities happen continuously in the department like IEEE, Sports, Melangeetc. Atmosphere in the department is extremely enthusiastic and motivating.


Sangram Kate

Student: Third Year - Electronics Engineering


The Electronics Department has done various programs to build the quality of students in terms of technical improvement. Teachers are very Co-operative and helping and are always ready to guide within their subjects as well as for career. There are various forums in Department which one can enrol himself/herself, these fields includes both technical, on-technical event which enables one for his/her overall development. College has done very good job in terms of placement and it has managed to help student go get the best of the career he/she is dreaming through career counselling, pre-placement activities session.


Priyanka Palshetkar

Student: Third Year, ElectronicsEngineering: withCPI: 9.05, Technical section head at Pi, Content Head at VishwakarmaInstitute of Technology MUN, Editor-in-chief at V-EDC


The Electronics Department is a perfect balance of discipline and joyful learning.


Pratik Rokade

Student: Third Year, ElectronicsEngineering:Design Head for Entracore, VishwakarmaInstitute of Technology -EDC Annual Magazine


Electronics is the key to the future and the Electronics Engineering Department is the key maker. Glad to be a part of it.