DEPARTMENT OF E & TC Engineering


Arzzan Daji (TY BTech: Electronics& Telecommunications)

"Department of Electronics and Telecommunication has served as an ideal spring-board to plunge us into the future getting one-up over the rest of our contemporaries. It has served as the ideal means of pursuing a good job and higher studies by fortifying our base in the strongest way possible. The great ranking of this prolific institution is proof enough that Department of Electronics and Telecommunication has lived up to the image of an ideal engineering place. The friendly environment goes a long way in makingVishwakarma Institute of Technology a really easy institute to get acclimated to. The good-natured teachers do a brilliant job of immersing the students in the pool of their knowledge. 

Ezzekiel said, ""Home is where one must gather grace."" Well, VishwakarmaInstitute of Technology is our home then."


Ayushi Agarwal (TY BTech: Electronics & Telecommunications)

“My years in Department of Electronics and Telecommunication have transformed me a lot, both as a student and as a person. Our college has given me just the right amount of support to excel in academics as well as gain exposure in various other disciplines. As a student I was able to manage various committees in our college fest-Melange and in other such cultural events. I also attended a conference of Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) held in Philippines and a Design and Innovation Workshop hosted by Masachusetts Institute of Technology. As part of the curriculum, students also have the option of learning a new language and taking up subjects outside their fields as a 'major or a minor'. One of the biggest advantages of being in Department of Electronics and Telecommunication is that the summer break is long enough to complete an Internship-which is one of the most valuable experiences as an Undergraduate student. Having a Continuous Assessment system, college does keep us on our toes and that is what makes us systematic and disciplined in our academics.”


Shrirang Deshpande (TY BTech: Electronics & Telecommunications)

"Joyful Learning is the motto of this institute. And it’s not just a tagline but an oath for the faculty here. They try their best to feed students with different perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking. They expose students to a stimulating environment where learning and research go hand-in-hand. For example, apart from the regular curriculum here, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication organised some practical oriented courses like SOC design and verification using System Verilog, Embedded Systems, Data Mining, Python, etc. Which gave all the students glimpse of the industry scenarios. Students are highly encouraged to take part in competitions like Robocon, Baja, Supra, Go-kart, etc.

What makes Vishwakarma Institute of Technology better is the promotion of Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities. Everyone here is part of some or the other club. And there are a lot of them. For example, we’ve got a Maths club, Speaker’s club, Chess club, Dance club and what not. Vishwakarandak and Melange are the two annual events of college. I  wonevents like Network Treasure Hunt and Tug of war at Vishwakarandak and enjoyed my every bit of stay here."


Neha Gaikwad (TYBTech: Electronics & Telecommunications)

“Department of Electronics and Telecommunication supports various extracurricular activities apart from the academics. Which helps us to know our strengths & weakness, encourages to develop new skills such as leadership qualities, people management, stage daring,etc. The curriculum is well designed to help student to prepare for competitive exams like GATE. Through the initiative of our department’s Industry Oriented Courses in SoC Design Verification using System Verilog and Real Time Embedded Systems- I have become more familiar with industrial application of various technical subjects! I am proud to be a VITIAN !!!”


Rohan Munde (TYBTech: Electronics & Telecommunications)

“We all know that college is a temple of knowledge. We all are devotees who are daily visiting this temple to gain knowledge and lessons of wisdom. Well, my college has offered me a loads of knowledge and wisdom. Besides making me technically sound which is a key factor for an engineer, my department has played a crucial role in moulding me into a good human being, a responsible person, a better leader, a better manager, a better conveyor, a better researcher, a better team member, a better logic developer, a better professional...and above all a better student.”


Tejus Nagdev (TYBTech: Electronics & Telecommunications)



“Department of Electronics and Telecommunication has an appealing study atmosphere, a nice environment with good facilities and a helpful staff. It has played a major role in shaping my personality and my career. It also provides a platform to showcase your other talents through its various event and clubs.”