DEPARTMENT OF E & TC Engineering



Great Contribution by Alumni…..

Our alumni network is asset for us. Though they have strong achievement in outside world, they have stronger bond with the institute always. They used to have interaction with department through various means as mentioned below:

• Active member for Industry Advisory Board

• Active contributor for Board of Studies

• Mentor for students’ projects

• External Examiners for CVV / Project exams

• Guest Speakers for industry applications / trends of the subjects

• Mentor for career opportunities in various domains

This year our alumni started a great step towards motivation. It will definitely support next batches to follow the footsteps.

Every year our students complete their projects successfully with great efforts. Getting good marks in projects is not enough for them for taking the projects towards prototype or product. It was well understood by our alumni and they decided to give prizes to best projects. These prizes are given for best project each from First year, second year, third year and final year.

This year the alumni who inspired our students are:

• For First Year: Mohit Bharani & Melgiri Bashetti

• For Second Year: Aman Choudhary & Parag Goregaonkar

• For Third Year: Gopal Goenka & Prathamesh Pokale

• For Final Year: Pranay Kate & Priyanka Injmulwar

These alumni have given prize of Rs. 5000/- to best projects


Ms. Tejashri Dattatraty Ghadge

Alumni of EnTC Batch 2013

Current Profile: R&D Engineer at National Center of Excellence of Technologies for Internal security, Internat ISRO.

“Looking back, I can recall department of electronics and telecommunication was extremely significant and a stepping stone in my life. It allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills, which are extremely important in my field of current work. Teachers from the department are very thoughtful, compassionate, clear-headed and actively involved in student’s overall development. I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have accomplished without that milieu.”


Tushar Bhutte

Alumni of EnTC Batch 2014

Current Profile: Software Engineer - Big Data Analytics, DataMetica Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Pune. 

“I can see Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, was extremely important and a stepping stone in my career. It encouraged me to develop my interpersonal skills, which are extremely important in my field of work. Thank you VIT.”