DEPARTMENT OF Instrumentation Engineering


At the Instrumentation Department, we spent four years of under-graduation and / or two-three years of post-graduation time in Vishwakarma Institute of Technology.

The competition due to globalization has resulted in better process control, optimum utilization of resources & higher level of automation in all industry sectors. The demand for automation is increasing day by day. To face these challenges, competent Instrumentation and control engineers are required. Instrumentation Engineering is highly interdisciplinary branch covers major aspects of Mechanical, Chemical, Electronics, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Instrumentation and Control Engineering involves the applications of instruments for measurement and control. Design of instruments and their applications are two inherent aspects in Instrumentation. Further, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Instrumentation systems are integral part of Instrumentation and Control Engineering. Instrumentation Engineers are the lead persons for Automation and Control.

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology started undergraduate course in Instrumentation Engineering in 1992 and postgraduate course in 2004. The Doctoral Program in Instrumentation Engineering has been introduced from the academic year 2010. The department has well qualified and dedicated faculty and is known for its high academic standard, well-maintained discipline and complete infrastructure facilities.

The Department has maintained a good rapport with Industry and R & D organizations. Department had Laboratories funded by Industry viz, Forbes Marshall, Emerson, Mitsubishi, Pridex etc. The Department has students’ chapter of ISA.

An Instrumentation Engineer has a scope to choose his/her career in a wide range of engineering areas including IT industries.