DEPARTMENT OF Instrumentation Engineering


Vaibhav Joshi (Batch of 1996)

IT Instrumentation department has played an important part in my life. Being from the 1st Instrumentation batch at VIT meant that we had to overcome a lot of challenges. Whether it was about getting notes from other (experienced) colleges or bunking the classes! It was all done together and as a first time experience. Prof. Gangal was our HOD and he led the way in guiding us through the extreme syllabus of instrumentation. I believe this experience gave us tenacity and confidence to face difficult unknown challenges further in our lives. I worked as a commissioning engineer at Thermax for a couple of years and faced numerous such occasions on customer sites where we did not have a solution but worked towards achieving it in small steps. Further in my work at FedEx USA, as a technical lead, I could see myself being fearless because I was never afraid of hard-work and perseverance. 

Starting my business,, roots from the same ability to face the unknown developed at VIT firsthand. I wish to sincerely thank VIT college leaders, staff members and all students that strive to make citizens of tomorrow with higher life-values, breed courage and positive attitude towards life. These life-lessons is what makes you a true human being that values relationships, fosters courage and well-being and works for the greater good of mankind, everything else does not matter! So never stop learning, ensure you have helped someone other than yourself each and everyday and pass on what you have to the less fortunate. That's what living is about.


VIT Instrumentation: Batch of 1996

B.E Instrumentation, 

Masters in Computer Engineering (M.S), University of Central Florida Batch of 2001

Masters in Business Administration (MBA), University of Central Florida Batch of 2010

Technical Fellow - FedEx USA 

Owner of - Software Development, Webdesign, online marketing company in USA.


Ajay Nagarkar (2000) 

The years spent in VIT Instrumentation were one of those years that I will cherish forever. It inculcated in us the spirit of curiosity for Engineering, the desire of get down to the basics and to understand concepts thoroughly. Heads of department and faculty were not just teaching the "syllabus" but were bringing in front of us, as many industry relevant components as possible. The initiative of getting companies to invest in projects and getting these projects executed within the department was of great benefit to the students and faculty. Amazing students around made those years fly and was definitely another huge source of learning and co-creating. Wishing VIT Instrumentation Department the very best !


Sanket Nikam(2007) 

It gives me great pleasure to reflect back on my experience with VIT - my alma mater. I am truly indebted to VIT for transforming an average engineering student like me into capable professional engineer in the field of Control Engineering. My journey on Engineering course started back in year 2003 with VIT-Instrumentation and Control department. While working through my Engineering degree at VIT, I realized that experienced faculty members who are subject matter experts in various fields layout strong foundation for dynamic academic program at Instrumentation department. Student friendly faculty and supporting staff creates conducive academic eco-system for any student to thrive on it. State of art laboratories for DCS , PLC , Process Instrumentation etc. at Instrumentation department helped me tremendously to see how theories taught in classroom being applied to real world applications. Apart from academics, I was able to enjoy extra-curricular activities through college festivals and competitions which are undoubtedly special college memories to cherish lifelong for any engineer. Training and Placement at VIT sets it apart from masses when it comes to transitioning from academic to professional environment at the end of curriculum. Symbiotic relationship between leading automation companies and VIT helps students to give right head start into their early career. I was able to secure employment with Honeywell Automation India Ltd. via strong platform provided by VIT- Instrumentation and Control department. This early encouragement in my career helped me to further pursue Master of Science degree at USA. On concluding note, I would like to thank everyone at VIT who helped me achieve my academic goals and gave me lifetime experience during my formative years. I wish all the best to all aspiring future Instrumentation and Control engineers in making at VIT” 


Lieutenant  Ajinkya Salunke (Batch 2014)

My experience in this branch was joyful journey. The faculty had trained me well. The best part of the instrumentation is the bond we share with the teachers it changed my attitude towards life and transformed me into able man to face the challenges. I take this opportunity to thank my teachers and friends who spend their time and energy for my development. 


Shrikant R. Patil

“VIT INSTRUMENTATION is one of the best department to get graduated from, because it has wisely used its autonomy to re-define its curriculum to match demands of multiple industry sectors which demands automation e.g.EPC, Automation, BMI sector. So be part of thisglorious department to brighten your future & Be a Proud “VIT Instrumentationite”

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