Swaroop Deokar


"As a Computer Science and Engineering student specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, I have learned that beyond coding, it's about problem-solving, creativity, and the boundless possibilities of technology. This journey has instilled in me a mindset to constantly explore and innovate in the dynamic world of AI and ML, where knowledge goes beyond programming to unravelling the mysteries of intelligence and making a transformative impact on our world. As I navigate this realm, I am reminded that predicting the future isn't magic; it's Artificial Intelligence,' highlighting the profound role AI and ML plays in shaping tomorrow's realities."



Aakanksha Sanjay Bhusewar


“Data whispers, AI listens, and ML learns."

And here comes the turning point in my life. Yes! I entered the VIT campus as an AIML student, where I experienced a perfect blend of academic and non-academic curriculum. I have had the opportunity to explore some aspects needed for a successful life, whether it's practicing for interviews, presenting ideas confidently, or ideating more on projects that taught us to serve society and yet to learn many things. Each of these has added value to my life.

Anushka Kale


In the realm of AIML at my institute, the unique academic approach resonates with the dynamic pulse of the industry. This innovative structure not only refines my skills in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning but also encourages a holistic growth. Now I can truly understand when they say, "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is where algorithms meet ambition to unlock the future."