Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning


Use of ICT (Information Communication Technology) Tools:


  • Smart pads with Google Classroom: It completely changes the process of putting pen to paper. With a single click, it instantly digitizes handwriting and diagrams. 
  • Video lectures, handouts and laboratory manuals are uploaded on the online learning platform VOLP. Students join the classroom with unique class code. 
  • Learning by doing is experienced through project-based and project-centric learning. This includes Course Projects, Engineering Design and Innovation (EDI) Projects, Software Development Projects, Major Projects and Internships.
  • Use of short videos, animation and demonstration models to explain the concepts.
  • Meaningful engagement of students through Group Discussion, Seminar and Innovative Home Assignment (Blog, Design, Case Study or Survey).  
  • Use of Virtual labs for effective understanding of practical concepts. 
  • We encourage students to enhance their skill sets through different online learning platforms like Coursera, NPTEL, Udemy etc. For  example, Software Engineering students have done agile certification by Google course on Coursera. 
  • Recorded lectures of faculty of courses - Software Engineering, Database Management System, Computer Networks etc are available on YouTube. Sample links are provided in the following table. 


Table: Sample Links of Course Videos


Name of Faculty

Course Name

YouTube Channel Link / URL

M. L. Dhore

Computer Networks

Amol A Bhilare

Data Structures

S. V. Jadhav 

Problem Solving and Programming with Python

Software Engg

S. G. Lade

Operating System

Software Engg



Innovations in Instructional Delivery and Methods:


  • Fun learning activities / concept-oriented activities like role plays and group discussions, are planned in the classroom with the participation of the students.
  • Department has arranged expert sessions of international speakers and industry experts to enrich the knowledge of the students about recent technologies used in the industry.
  • VOLP is a Learning Management System (LMS) developed by Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT), Pune. Faculty members prepare interactive videos (periodic pop-up quizzes embedded within the videos), lab assignments and reference materials. Students can access this material using a smartphone or web browser. It encourages self-learning and instructor-guided flipped classrooms.



 Figure: VOLP Classroom 



Innovations in Assessment and Evaluation:


  • VOLP is a learning platform designed to provide a robust, secure, and integrated system to create a personalized learning environment. Faculty members use the VOLP platform to assess the students through MCQ-based tests. 
  •  During the practical session, the students are given challenging statements to solve real-time problems. Every student creates a code to represent the given statement. It enhances students' critical thinking and coding abilities.
  •  To inculcate the research attitude, IPR awareness sessions are conducted. As a result, students have filed copyrights on their lab work.
  • Continuous assessment is carried out for home assignment, group discussion, course project, lab work, and presentation.
  • Mid-semester examination of internship, major project, SDP and EDI project is conducted by a faculty member panel. End-semester examination of the same is carried out along with industry professionals.
  • For example - Sample blogs written  by students which are assessed against home assignment. Link for the same -

Figure: Sample Home Assignment for Software Engineering Course


For course projects and major projects, we suggest students to upload it on Github. 

Sample Github link-




Sr. No.

Name of Faculty

Name of Course

Class & Division


Verifiable indicator

1 Pushkar S. Joglekar Theory of Computation TY A, B lecture taken on wacom tablet device. Recordings are available.
2 Amol A Bhilare Data Structures SY A B Lectures on digital Boards. videos available on volp online platform and on YouTube channel
3 Milind V Kulkarni Artificial Intelligence TY A, B lecture taken on Huion tablet device. Recordings are available.
4 Manisha R. Dhage Parallel Computing BTech Lecture taken using Pen and touch support dell laptop recording option was not available in google meet