Sr. No Title of Patent Status(Filed/ Published/Granted) Authors Country for which the patent Filed Date of Filing Date of Issue/Award Application No. Patent No.
1. Weather Forecasting Cultivation Device Granted Amruta Mankawade, Mrs. Pradnya Mehta, Mrs. IIa Shridhar Sawant, Dr. Geetha Rajkumar Chillarge, Dr. Snehal Rahul Rathi, Ms. Sarita Dnyaneshwar Sapkal, Mr. Vikas Maral, Mrs. Vandana Rupnar, Mr. Nagaraju Bogiri, Mr. Nagaraju Bogiri, Mrs. Pranali Kshirsagar UK 20/08/2023 31/08/2023   6304598
2. A Smart Helmet With Safety And Monitoring System For Mine Workers Published Dr. Gopal.D. Upadhye South Africa 04/08/2023 23/10/2023 FA/1339/MUM/2023 2023/09844
3.  A Solar Powered Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicle For Extended Surveillance Flight Time  Published  Dr. Gopal.D.Upadhye  South Africa  04/08/2023  23/10/2023  FA/1365/MUM/2023  2023/09841
4.  An Obstacle Detection And App Controlled Robot  Published  Dr. Gopal.D.Upadhye  South Africa  04/08/2023  24/10/2023  FA/1336/MUM/2023  2023/09904
5.  AN IMAGE PROCESSING BASED ANTI GLARE SYSTEM FOR FOUR WHEELER VEHICLES  Filed  Chinchmalatpure Sheela, Rajguru Tejas ,Savji Pushkraj, Shambharkar, Sayali ,Shelke Dheeraj  South Afica  23/10/2023    FA/1369/MUM/2023  2023/09852