DEPARTMENT OF Computer Engineering



Nidhi Saini [Alumni- B.Tech(Computer) 2018]

 Graduate Student and Research Assistant at University of Southern California

Former Software Engineer at Microsoft

                                                  I studied Computer Engineering at VIT. The concepts and applications taught during the 4 years have helped me build a strong foundation in Computer Science. The faculty is experienced and readily helps the students to grasp even difficult topics easily. The curriculum was up to date and at par with current technology which enabled me to strengthen both my practical and theoretical skills.


Bhushan Sonawane [Alumni- B.Tech(Computer) 2015]

Machine Learning Engineer at Apple, San Francisco, USA.

                               Undergrad is all about exploring and finding your passion, VIT Computer Engineering department has culture and atmosphere to help you find and nurture the same. VIT Computer Engineering  department has an environment to experiment, explore and find your passion. Faculty, curricular, structure allows one to grow in the right direction.


Nikhil Supekar 

Data Scientist At Apple.

Austin, Texas, United State


 The teaching at VIT has been absolutely splendid. All professors are very knowledgeable and use their experience to precisely guide the students in class as well as in projects and seminars. The schedule is very flexible and students get a lot of time to pursue their interests along with the regular college studies.




Jitendra Savanur [Alumni- B.Tech Computer(2015)]

Software Engineer (eQTechnologic) 

VIT Pune has wonderfully utilised its autonomy by introducing some exciting courses which give a practical glimpse of what's actually happening out there in the world. The faculty is quite learned and experienced. The grading system is not burdening and give the student enough scope to pursue his/her research or professional interests. Overall, it was a good experience to be a part of VIT Pune.