Aditya Shinde


“With DESH, it was a whole new experience for me after taking admission in VIT, Pune. Every faculty member was supportive. I got chance to participate in various technical events like TRF (The Robotics Forum) and etc. DESH has also initiated mini projects for F.Y. B. Tech. students which will be very useful to us. Proud to be a VITian.”

Name : Aditya Shinde

Year :- 2015-16



Apurva S. Gawande


“DESH is a very homely department. Just feels like an awesome school. Very nicely designed and executed curriculum to study at first year engineering under autonomy.”

Name: Apurva S. Gawande

Year : 2015-16


Bipin Sharma



As an international student I can say that VIT is the best engineering college to be at! The staff and teachers of DESH are very passionate and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals. The college has great modern facilities which promote great learning environment and flexible schedules that suit to meet the needs of an international student like me. What I also love in the institution is the fact that I was able to meet different people with different cultural backgrounds and also to learn a lot new things. VIT has been a “Home away from Home”, for me and the first year was an absolutely a memorable period of my life."

Name: Bipin Sharma

YEAR (2014-15)

Foreign National, Nepal v


Rutuparna Thatte


“DESH department always come up with some unique programs like GLP or Mini project competition and also give a lot of free time to a student to pursue his hobby along with academics. Also with additional subjects DESH offers like GP and OE has greatly brought down the gap between my imagination and reality. While comparing these things with my friends, I truly find myself in a unique environment of joyful learning model.”

“The Global Internship Program (GLP) has given me an idea of how the world is going forward and where we are; also where we have to reach. According to engineering point of view, there product not only satisfies the requirement but also have beauty, quality and perfection which our products particularly miss. As a engineer, this observation is surely going to impact my work.”

Name: Rutuparna Thatte

YEAR (2015-16)


Shweta Chillure


“It was a great experience at DESH because it provides various subjects like G.P., Open electives along with engineering and applied science subjects. I also enjoyed the German language. Head and Staff members from DESH are experienced and quite co-operative. Proud being VITian.”

Name: Shweta Chillure

Year : 2015-16


Shweta R. Zawar

“My parents always wanted me to be active in all aspects apart from academics. VIT has excellent teachers, academics, extra-curricular and social opportunities which are necessary to be an all-rounder. Hence I chose VIT!!”

“At DESH, we are encouraged to participate in all extra-curricular and social activities, join various clubs and workshops. This contributes in giving us a strong base for the coming years.

“This Global Internship Programme held at NTU, Singapore was one of the best experiences of lifetime. It made me to grow as a better individual. The programme taught me socializing, sharing, caring, adapting and adjusting in a new academic environment. It was full of knowledge, fun, enthusiasm and gave me a family away from home experience”

Name: Shweta R. Zawar

Year :- 2015-16