Program Education Objectives (PEO) 

PEO PEO Focus PEO Statement
PEO1 Preparation To prepare the students with a commitment towards meeting the needs of users within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of Information Technology projects.
PEO2 Core competence To facilitate students with foundation of mathematical & engineering fundamentals along with knowledge of Information Technology principles and applications and be able to integrate this knowledge in a variety of business and inter-disciplinary setting.
PEO3 Breadth To enable student to exercise problem solving capacity with effective use of analysis, design, development that address idea realization.
PEO4 Professionalism To inculcate students with professional and ethical values with effective communication and collaboration skills leading to participative teamwork having multidisciplinary knowledge useful to the society.
PEO5 Learning Environment To provide students an academic environment that develops leadership qualities, excellence in subject areas of Information Technology and lifelong learning in every sphere of their life.
Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


PSO Statement


Apply information science theory, algorithmic and programming principles for comprehending technological trade-off in order to determine conceptual aspects of real-world   problems in information technology.


Analyze and create problem frames in order to formulate decomposition structure of information technology problem with correct resources, infrastructure and technology requirements determination for solution realization.


Compose technical design specifications using template-based approaches for formally expressing the solution implementation by applying techniques and methods to create, enhance, and deliver IT tools with appropriate CASE tools selection.


Exercise research and development aptitude focusing knowledge creation and dissemination through engineering artifacts construction, preparation and presentation of engineering evidences using procedures, techniques, guidelines, and standards considering technology migration and evolution.