Department of Industrial & Production Engineering

PD Courses

Course Code Professional Development Courses
IP33301 Spread Sheet for Engineers
IP33302 Spread Sheet Macros
IP33303 Five ‘S’
IP33304 Market Research
IP33305 Manufacturing Simulation
IP33306 Financial Planning and Investment Decisions
IP33307 Work Place Design
IP33309 Visual Representation of Data Using Software
IP33310 Software Based Project Management
IP33311 Lean Six Sigma Tools
IP33312 Total Productive Maintenance
IP33313 Event Management
IP33314 Quality Management Systems - ISO Series
IP33315 EMS - ISO 14000 & OHSAS - ISO 18000
IP33351 Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerancing
IP33352 Model Making
IP33353 Material Selection
IP33354 Assembly and Maintenance
IP33355 Manufacturing Workshop
IP33355 Rapid Prototyping