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Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune

IEEE Conference Number: #55392

(An Autonomous Institute affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University)



The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners to present and discuss ideas, challenges and potential solutions on established or emerging topics related to research and practice in the areas of Sensor, Internet of Things, Communication, Image processing, Automation, IOT, Big Data,etc.
The topics of interest include,but are not limited to the following:

  1. Sensors and Technology
  2. Signal and Image processing
  3. Automation and Control
  4. Networks and Communication
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things(AIOT)
  6. Big Data Analytics
  7. Data Science and Analysis
  8. Standardization and Interdisciplinary Aspects


  1. Sensors and Technology
    • Intelligent sensor and Systems
    • Actuation and Analytics,
    • Energy Aware Systems and Efficiency for Sensor network,
    • Sensor Network Design and Architecture,
    • Networking and Communication Protocols for sensor,
    • Wireless Systems and Applications;
    • power reduction techniques in sensor,
    • MEMS/NEMS,
    • Sensor Wireless Technologies,
    • Sensors for IOT
  2. Signal and Image Processing
    • Computer Vision,
    • Image compression,
    • Image detection and estimation,
    • Signal, speech, audio, image and video processing,
    • Machine learning and data mining,
    • Biomedical signals and Image processing,
    • Sensor networks and the signal processing aspects of communication systems and networks etc
  3. Automation and Control
    • Programmable Logic controller,
    • Distributed control system,
    • Human Machine Interface,
    • Liner control, Nonlinear control, optimal control, motion control, process control, advanced process control, cooperative control, manufacturing systems control, coordinated and decentralized control, Robust control,
    • Robotics
    • Intelligent (Fuzzy, Neural Network, Wavelets etc) system,
    • System Identification, Modeling,
    • Control applications –power systems, Traffic, Agricultural, Economic, Energy, Environment, Oil, Gas , Petrochemical,
    • Applications of Automation: Control and Supervision Systems, Intelligent Transportation Technologies and Systems, Engineering Applications, Industrial Automation and Robotics,
    • Vehicle Control Applications,
    • Remote Surgery, Robotic Surgery,
    • Micro robot, Bio-Inspired Robotics
  4. Networks and Communication
    • 5G Technology,
    • Wireless Technology,
    • Data Center networks,
    • Vehicular communication,
    • Emerging communication technologies,
    • Network architecture and protocols,
    • Monitoring and control of network,
    • Performance analysis of network,
    • Services over networks,
    • Machine to Machine/Device Communications
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (AIOT)
    • Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning for IOT,
    • Novel architecture designs for IoT,
    • Cloud Computing,
    • Wearable technology,
    • Smart manufacturing environments,
    • Intelligent Infrastructure and Guidance Systems,
    • Green Computing,
    • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in the IoT,
    • Interaction, Security, Privacy and Trust in the IoT,
    • Societal Impact of IoT, Novel real-world IoT applications,
    • Deployments of cyber-physical systems,
    • Testbed facilities ,
    • Evaluation of relevant real-world challenges (connectivity, reliability, scalability, etc.) ,
    • Examples relevant to Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Precision Agriculture, Healthcare, Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  6. Big Data Analytics
    • Data and Information Fusion,
    • Algorithms (including Scalable methods),
    • Natural Language Processing,
    • Data-Intensive Computing,
    • Parallel Algorithms,
    • Testing Methods,
    • Multidimensional Big Data,
    • Multi-linear Subspace Learning,
    • Sampling Methodologies and Streaming,
    • Novel Computational Methodologies,
    • Cloud Based Infrastructures (applications, storage & computing resources),
    • Big Data & Data Science,
    • Management and Frameworks,
    • Big Data Search,
    • Applications of Big Data
  7. Data Science and Analysis
    • Conversion of Data to Information,
    • Conversion of Data to Knowledge,
    • Data Mining
    • Information Mining,
    • Predictive Analytics,
    • Knowledge Discovery,
    • Cloud Computing,
    • Databases and Information Integration,
    • Signal Processing, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval Methods, and Information Visualizatio
  8. Standardization and Interdisciplinary Aspects
    • Industry 4.0 Application from interdisciplinary domains related to mechanical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Civil, Environmental, energy water management,
    • Newly adopted standards for Industry 4.0
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