Activities in Computer Department

1.      Rohan Vibhandik, IT/OT/IIoT Security Advisory | Risk Management | EY ,London,  Conducted Session on Cyber & IoT Security date 31/08/2020.




2.      Karan Parseja, Software Engineer 2 at Microsoft & UX Enthusiast | Certified Azure Professional,  conducted session for placement training date 24/04/2021



3.      Gaurav Taywade, Chief Software Architect at Cemtrex Inc., Conducted Session on Agile methodologies for Project development date 28/04/2021





4.      Ankit Desai-Recruitment Coordinator | IIM A '22 Conducted Session On “CAT Preparation” dated 15th May 2021.





5.      Three days Game Design Workshop date 19 Feb -21 Feb 2020





6.      Adesh Thakare conducted a session on Higher Education and Opportunities dated 15 May 2021




7.      ACM, SIGCHI  International Workshop Organized (Virtual) -Designing ICT Applications for Hearing- Impaired People in Asia.  Organized by : Dr. G. D. Bhutkar and D.S. Jadhav dated 21 Oct 2020




8.      STTP on AR-VR by Prof. N.D. Kulkarni & Prof. D.S. Jadhav from 15 Jun 2020 to 20 Jun 2020





9.      Github Hackathon




10.      A Webinar on Cloud Computing, Cyber Security Career Possibilities





11.      A session on Data Visualization dated 27 March 2021



12.      A session on Current Trends in Web Technologies and Analytical Tools organized on 18 Feb 2020




13.      The Placement Talk dated 24 Oct 2021



Following Guest lectures were arranged for Computer department students

  • IBM TGMC on 7th March
  • Project guidance and Internship on 8th March

Organized guest lecture on ‘Operating System’ by Mr. Yogesh Babar from ‘Redhat’.

No of participant:70

Raspberry Pi Development workshop is organized in department by Prof V D Pawar and Mrs Sangeeta kumari

Speaker from : Revert Technology.
No of participants: 13

“Data Science” course had been conducted successfully in department

Course co-ordinator: Mrs. Preeti Bailke

Faculty members teaching the course are:

  • Prof. Dr. Manasi Patwardhan
  • Mrs. Preeti Bailke
  • Mr. Kedar Dixit, PSL (formerly known as PSPL)

No of participants: 40

Course duration: 60 Hrs

‘Prof G D Bhutkar published book chapter in International well-reputed Springer Book’

’Contextual Design of Intelligent Food Carrier in Refrigerator: An Indian Perspective’, P Kale, G Bhutkar, V Pawar, N Jathar (Book Chapter: HWID Springer Book)

ParvezAhamad Kazi, Manasi Patwardhan, Pushkar Joglekar published research paper in Springer titled ‘Towards a new perspective on context based citation index of research articles’

‘VIT is declared as first ‘GPU Nodal Center’ (Pune Region) of GPU Center of excellence, IIT Bombay’

GPU computing meetup and seminar is organized on 12 th Feb 2016 from 4.00 pm to 6.00pm. Prof. P S V Nataraj, professor and PI, GPU Center of excellence, IIT Bombay, delivered a seminar on GPU computing and research along with his 4 research assistants. In this meetup VIT is declared by Prof. Nataraj as nodal center (Pune Region) of GPU Center of excellence, IIT Bombay.
This meetup is attended by 23 participants (teaching staff) from various engineering institutes near Pune city.