Department of Information Technology & MCA



Ganesh Sarda - Information Technology  -  T.Y. (H)

Studying in the VIT is a remarkable experience. There is a lot of interaction between students and faculty and among students themselves. The college provides us a platform where students can do their extra circular activities. There is also an encouraging atmosphere here for me to have conversations with a diverse range of people.

Kaveri SinghMCA -SY

Since the first moment I came to VIT, Pune I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The faculty and staff at this institution are of top rate. All they want is their students to achieve great heights and do well. 

I really believe it is a privilege to come to this college and I am so glad I made that decision.



Fabulous and rewarding is how I would describe my past two years at VIT College, Pune.

Their strong academic programs, readily accessible faculty, and a variety of student resources created an excellent learning environment for me to gain practical skills and most importantly, confidence in the workplace! 

We get plenty of opportunities to develop our all round personalities not only through excellent academic atmosphere but also through various co-curricular, cultural and sports activities.

We are blessed with very senior and experienced faculty as well as state of art laboratories with sophisticated and advanced instruments on which students are allowed to work themselves.

I feel fortunate to be a student of this college. Thank You, VIT College staff and instructors for providing this opportunity and preparing me for success!


Prachiti PhadkeMCA 3rd Year

The MCA program at VIT imparted to us knowledge, both theoretical and practical, it taught us camaraderie, mutual respect and unity and fuelled our thirst for knowledge. We spent three years of our adult life here and built a version of family that is as close to our hearts as the ones back home! Thank you VIT!