DEPARTMENT OF Chemical Engineering


Interactions in class based on flipped classroom concept

The flipped classroom concept is used to get good understanding of subject to students. The in class and outclass activity is designed for effective communication of technical subject matter.  In this brief about particular topic is provided to students in form of video or ppts and in actual class, time is spent on discussion, assimilating concept better, numerical to have better depth understanding of subject.


Flipped classroom for Chemical Technology Synthesis of Soda Ash

Use of power point presentations (ppts) in classroom for better understanding of subject

ppts are used as overall guideline for concept. It will also aid with visual effect. It helps students to remain focused in class. Blend of blackboard teaching with ppts makes comprehension of concept efficient.

Use of videos, audio-visual to make teaching learning effective

Inclusion of relevant videos on particular concept enhances visualization, imagination of students that makes teaching learning more active and efficient.  Students can get 3D idea of particular object or process while designing.

Technical presentations by students


Technical presentation demands better assimilation of concept.  It helps improvement of communication skill, better handling of stage fear, enhancing deep thinking while making a presentation in order to make a sense to audience. In addition importantly it enforce student to understand a concept better in order to present effectively.